Saturday, May 19, 2012

Khador Winterguard Gas Tank Conversion

Spent some time last night and today converting my Winterguard.  The gas masks I already finished so I worked on adding in their tattered coats on the bottom using Procreate Putty.  After that it was taking guitar string and some pliers to create the tube for the gas mask.  For the backpack tank I used the bit from my Devastator's arm (I wasn't using it).  I really like the tank and will order more bits from PP to create additional gas tanks. 

This process is very time consuming so I'm focusing on converting three Winterguard at a time and will finish painting them too.  This way I'll slowly get painted figs done and will feel like I'm making progress :)

*the reason for gas tanks is because for this Guardsmen pose I wasn't able to connect the tube to anything on his waist, like the pouch on my other too, so I had to find a creative solution.  Also need to do more putty work on the part where the tube connects to the tank and mask.


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