Friday, October 7, 2011

Journeyman League Batreps

Got four games in-- two against Cryx, one against Dwarves, and one against Ret. 

First game was against Jim.  I advanced towards the middle and my Destroyer was able to do some damage on one of the arc nodes but then Jim arc'd Crippling Grasp to one of my Jacks and Parasite to the other.  Deneghra then feated so my Jacks where sitting at ARM 15 and 16.  Jim's Jacks charged and made quick work of mine wrecking both and getting a Mangled Metal win. 

I'm learning that Cryx is VERY tough to play against and against Jim's attack, the one thing I can think of is to stay as far back as I can and just rain bombards on him.  I can also advance Sorscha up, take a shot, and then Wind Rush away.  But at DEF 10, my Jacks will get hit and there's really nothing I can do about it.  Good game though and now I was on to my second game against Dwarves.

Doug is one of our resident Press Gangers and he fielded Gorten and the Dwarves.  The only heavy is a Driller and that thing is monstrous.  With Strength of Granite it's weapons go to something like P+S 20 and 21.  Crazy.  I advanced like usual and because the Driller is the same slow speed as my Jacks, my Destroyer was able to keep the distance and blast off it's drill arm.  That was really good.  Sensing that my tactic would slowly soften up his Jacks, Doug feated and pulled the Destroyer right to the Driller who tore it up easily.  Gorten had to expose himself to catch the Destroyer though so I sent Sorscha Wind Rushing and charging in under feat turn.  She wasn't able to kill him on her attack but she was sitting at DEF 20.  Doug was hoping to crit slam her with Gorten and had a few chances but was able to get it.  She survived on about half her life.  With full focus Sorscha hit back and suprisingly needed her last focus to boost the damage to kill Gorten. 

With Wind Rush and Fog of War, seems like Sorscha has great defense against the light Jacks' shooting and with the threat range of the Destroyer, I can fire bombards all day on the Driller.  I just have to make sure that if Gorten feats, I only lose one Jack.  In this game I had an opening for Sorscha's assassination run but in future games I might not be so lucky.  Got to be careful.

Next game I faced off against Deneghra again.  Krage had his battlebox fully painted and it looked great.  Same opening strat from me as always-- trying to shoot stuff with the Destroyer.  My first attempt failed as two of his arc nodes were either in a forest or on a hill and the other one was in my own Fog of War.  I missed the bombard.  Krage then played Deneghra competely different than Jim and chose to ignore my Jacks and run his arc nodes around.  Spell of choice was Scourge that knocked down Sorscha.  I had to face Deneghra's feat and couldn't do much of anything.  I tried to attack one of the arc nodes with Sorscha but on the following turn another arc node ran close and Scourged her again.  The arc node was so close that the deviating AOE still knocked her down.  That freed up the first arc node and with auto hits in melee Sorscha was done.

Thought it was really cool that Jim and Krage played Deneghra in two different ways, either going for the Jacks via Crippling Grasp and Parasite, or using the arc nodes and running them wide to Scourge Sorscha.  So many things to look out for.  I like the challenge though and look forward to playing Cryx again.

Last game of the night was against Jay and his Retribution battlebox.  This featured Kaelyssa, a Manitcore, and two Lights (can't remember their names).  I slow advanced and my bombard hit but failed to get passed the force fields.  Jay spread out his Jacks, possibly positioning them for a next turn charge.  Kaeylssa was way far back but it looked like Sorscha had a lane.  Wow it was far.  I decide to go for it, Wind Rush forward.  At that point I checked her control and there was no need for Boundless Charge.  Sweet.  That's two focus saved.  Sorscha charges Kaelyssa and after a few attacks gets the win.  Both Jay and I were quite surprised how far 17" actually is.  I doubt Jay will let an assassination like that happen again.

Finished 2-2 for the night.  Two losses to Cryx and two wins by assassniation.  Can't wait to play the other battleboxes and get revenge on Deneghra :P   

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