Friday, September 30, 2011

Old Witch vs eGaspy 35pts?

The title has a question mark because I actually played two games with 38 points, 3 over the limit.  My math fails me...  Perhaps I was confused with the +3 for OW's battlegroup points.  Either way, very embarrassing because in both games I apparently got the victory.  But alas...  So big time apologies to Krage!  That leaves me at 0-13!  Wow.  I'm just shaking my head right now.  Still can't believe I played over the limit.  /deep breath.

*edit: just wanted to plug Krage's YouTube channel where he does batreps of his games.  His particular style of batrep is slideshow with great analysis of the game and the tactics he's thinking about.  Definitely check him out here.

So here we go.  I'm going to summarize the two games that we played, the things that I learned, and the things that I tried to do (with my OP list lol)

  • eGaspy 
  • Seether
  • Darragh (dragoon guy)
  • Tartarus
  • Bane Knights (seemed like max unit)
  • 3 Stitch Thralls
  • Bile Thralls
  • 2 arc nodes
With my OW list tonight I brought the Rifle Corps. again with something new:
  • Old Witch
  • Scrappy
  • Behemoth
  • Rifle Corps.
  • Joe
  • Doom Reavers
  • Great Bears
  • Aiyanna & Holt
  • Gorman (over the limit)
  • Wardog (over the limit)
Game One we played scenario and it was Process of Elimination-- to vertical 14" x 6" zones.  First to score 2 and have more wins.

Terrain had an open center with forests near the edges on the left and right sides.  Two hills in corners for each of us and some linear obstacles near our deployment.

I got to go first and set up slightly favoring the right side.  OW and her battlegroup were to the left of the Rifle Corps.  Bears started behind them with my solos on the right.  Doomreavers advanced deployed on the right flank.

Krage deployed somewhat centrally with his Bane Knights to the left and the Bile Thralls on the right on the hill.  Arc nodes were on each flank.

Turn One I run the Rifle Corp up and give them Tough from Joe.  Behemoth and Scrappy advance towards the center.  Bears and the Doomies advance just slightly down the left flank.  Gorman pops a cloud on OW and A&H advance up in Stealth.

My first lesson about eGaspy would come from an arc node.  He ran of them up REALLY close to my Rifle Corp.  Gaspy puts a cloud on it and arcs Excarnate at my Rifle Corps.  It hits.  Next part we had to look up to see if I got my Tough Roll before the effects of Excarnate happens.  Tough happens on disabled so I get a Tough roll and roll 6!  So no excarnate.  I learned that if something dies from that spell, you can pop out a grunt, like a Bile Thrall, next to the origin of the spell, which in this case was the arc node.  What would happen next is the Bile Thrall would activate and advance up and then blow up A LOT OF DUDES.  Luckily for me that lone Rifle Corps soldier Toughed.  That was a pretty big blow to Krage's plan.  Over on the left he tip-toed a Stitch Thrall into the left zone.

On my turn my plan was to Feat with OW and keep his infantry out of the zones.  I had done some practicing on Vassal getting my positioning right and now I would put it into action.  Iron Flesh was dropped.  Two focus to Behemoth's subcortex and Scrappy got one.  Rifle Corps advanced and put down Suppressing Fire right next to the woods.  This would block some of Krage's infanty from entering the right zone from the top.  Behemoth advanced slightly and shot two boosted bombards which killed some Bane Knights.  Scrappy ran to the center and Witch teleported, feated, and placed Murder of Crows right next to the Suppressing fire template.  With the woods and those two templates, my right flank was protected.  With feat, it was time to advance my other troops and get them in position to charge next turn.  Doomies run up and got into charge range of the Bane Knights.  Bears followed.  Dog ran into the back corner of the right zone.

Krage was now in a really tough bind.  He had no models in the right zone as is arc node was just out of it.  The only thing contesting the left zone was one Stitch Thrall.  What Krage did next was pretty neat.  He advanced his Stitch Thralls through the OW's feat right next to a bunch of my Doom Reavers.  When he ended his advance, he took the POW 14 and blew up.  All my guys took a POW 8.  One survived but I lost 2 Doom Reavers.  Another Stitch went in and I know I lost another Doomie, maybe a Bear too.  So I learned that even under Feat Turn, units like Bile Thralls and Stich Thralls can still be effective because the damage comes at the end of their advance, when they're right next to your own guys.  Most of the remaining Cryx army fell back towards the right, away from my approaching front on the left.

On my turn I can't remember too much of the specifics but I know that I crippled his right arc node with a lot of gunfire from the Rifle Corps.  His movment, head, and arc node were taken out.  Behemoth might have shot two more Bane Knights.  Over on the left, I had 3 Doom Reavers left.  Two charged some Bane Knights.  The first one took out two with Berserk but missed the third attack.  The second Doom Reaver killed his charge target.  Bears split formation and and got ready to counter charge.  Scrappy ran close to the woods on the left to get in position for another possible charge next turn.  Witch then teleported into the woods.  Come to think of it, I think before she teleported, this may have been the turn she put the Murder of Crows next to the Suppressing Fire template.  hmmm, can't remember.  Yep, I think it may have been this turn because with the Witch all the way on the left, I wanted to block the approach of the Cryx Infantry.  Point scored from the Dog.
Next turn there wasn't much that Krage could do but he got Vengeance with the Bane Knights who killed at least one of the Doom Reavers.  The activated and killed a Bear and another Doom Reaver leaving just one left.  I'm not sure how it happened but I know Excarnate worked this time and it killed a lot of my Rifle Corps forcing a command check which I barely made.

On my turn I charged the Doom Reaver which killed a Bane Knight.  The two remaining Bears made quick work of the last Cryx model in the left zone and I scored another point.  Now I "thought" I had won but was playing over the limit so there's no way I can take that victory.  Will talk more about this game after a quick recap of game two.

For the next game we decided to play Caster Kill with the same lists.  Krage won the roll and let me go first.  I deployed in a similar fashion to Game One except I had the Rifle Corp on the left of my battlegroup.  Doom Reavers and Bears would take to the left flank again.

Krage deployed pretty much the same as in Game One, Bane's on the left.  Biles on the Right.  Arc nodes on the outside and Stich Thralls sprinkled along the front.

I go first and advance the Rifle Corps with Tough and throw down a Suppressing Fire template for kicks.  Everyone else advances up.

Krage does likewise and advances everyone to the center and lays down A LOT of clouds.  He ran an arc node up but didn't use Excarnate.  One of the clouds was on that arc node who was in the center of the battlefield.  Some Stitch Thralls advanced near that arc node and two more AOEs would be placed in front of the Stiches.  Bane Knights advanced up in a little spread formation in two ranks.  Over on the right the Biles moved up.

On my turn I gave one focus to Scrappy and two to Behemoth.  Behemoth advanced and with Augury was able to see through the clouds.  I knew that the Stiches could advance under OW's feat so I wanted them taken out.  So Behemoth lobs two boosted bombards and takes out those Stiches.  Rifle Corps get boosted attacks and one is able to get the last Stitch.  The rest unload on the arc node and just like last game is able to take out most of its vital systems.  One of the Doom Reavers charge it and when I ran the others to get into a forward position I forgot to attack the arc node...  Bears move up just like last game.  Scrappy runs to the center.  Witch teleports, feats, and here I get greedy putting her on the front line and catching a lot of the Cryx army, even Tartarus.  She places a Murder of Crows onto Tartarus and three Bane Knights.  If they don't move, they take a POW 8.  If they advance and stop in her control, they take a POW 14.  One of the arc nodes is neutralized, the Stiches are gone, and I'm all set to charge in next turn.  But ol' eGaspy has something up his sleeve.  I'm about to learn what his feat does.

Krage removes the clouds from the center and it's the Witch staring at the Cryx army with NOTHING in front of her.  I wonder if I got to greedy.  Krage sends all his Bile Thralls wide to the right out of her control.  Then he starts to advance his Bane Knights deeper into the Old Witches control.  He's killing his own guys.  Oh no.  I know what this means. Darragh advances too and takes a POW 14 but lives.  He blasts one of the Rifle Corps.  eGaspy goes and moves forward; 2 points of damage.  He then feats and brings back to the game 10 of his boxed models-- 7 Bane Knights and 3 Stich Thralls.  We went over his feat and what it does.  Those models that come back to the game "must" charge.  They were definitely in range of the Old Witch.  There was only one thing.  Her feat says that models in her control cannot charge.  So all those models were stuck...  Krage just forgot about that and with half is army gone conceded the game.

We chatted for a bit after the match and concluded that the OW is a very good counter to eGaspy.  One of the counters is that OW's battlegroup can see through all the clouds that eGaspy puts down because of Augury.  So my Behemoth could take out two models per turn.  On top of that, OW's feat shuts down most of Krage's particular list hard.  Bane Knights are the toughest infantry and they can't risk a POW 14 because they're armor is only 15.  Another advantage I had with her feat was I was able to aggressively position my hard hitting melee troops forward because there was virtually no range threat against my units.  The tactic would be to feat with OW and under its protection, advance right up to the enemy front.  They can't charge me or they'll die.  So I would be able to get the first strike.

With all the Cryx infantry, Murder of Crows and Suppressing Fire was able to control parts of the board.  Those templates protected one flank while I focused on the other.  In Game One, I was able to secure the right control zone for a point and the templates allowed me to cut off parts of the battlefield, basically preventing light infantry from streaming in from the right side and keeping those Bile Thralls back.

Again, so sorry to Krage for fielding more than 35 points.  Next time, we'll fight on even ground for sure.

So with those two games wrapped up I thought I would go over the units I used and how I like them in my current list for the Old Witch.

  • Rifle Corps.  My main infantry unit.  I really like them with her because they give another big 5" denial template in Suppressing Fire.  Having two of those on the board is great for controlling the flow of movement.  Especially good in scenario play as you can block off access to a zone.  One thing I have to learn is when to put down Suppressing Fire and when to just shoot with them. Seems like Suppressing Fire is good when I either need to stop light infantry advancing or when I'm just trying to get the Rifle Corps into better position.  You can also use it on Feat turn by placing it on units.  The enemy models have to move away and out of OW's control or take damage.  If they stay they take POW 8.  If they move back, they concede ground, and in scenario play, that's bad.  As for their guns, with Boosted Attacks from Joe, I was able to hit DEF 17.  You do need to roll 12s and that is slightly below average but with 10 Rifle Corps, you are bound to hit and models with such high def usually have low armor, enough for POW 10s to do their thing.  Played WG Deathstar almost exclusively until now and I can appreciate the range 14.  It's nice to be able to stop infantry from a distance.  Defensively they can get to DEF 15 with Iron Flesh which isn't too bad, and they also have Tough when they need it.  
  • The other new unit that I used for the first time was Doom Reavers.  I gotta say, I really like them and they fit the role I want for that slot which is hard hitting anti armor.  They have P+S Weapon Master, Berserk, and Reach.  So when they hit heavies, they can do a lot of damage.  One thing to note about Berserk, it allows the Doom Reavers to kill much more than their number.  In the first game tonight, one Doom Reaver alone was almost able to kill three Bane Knights.  I used to take Assassins but I always wanted them to take out armor which is something that aren't that good at with OW.  Since I have many ways to take out infantry in this list, I felt the Doom Reavers are better because they can take out enemy armor and still be able to kill a lot of infantry.  Defensively they are a little squishy.  I've cleared out multiple units of them before with WG.  So they seem very vulnerable to ranged attacks and I have to keep them safe.  I can do this with Murder of Crows to block LOS.  They also have Spell Ward so magic spells can't target them.  So I can appreciate they hard hitting capabilities and just have to make sure they are safe.
  • Bears are good but like the Doom Reavers can get taken out by ranged fire.  With the Rifle Corps in the back I'm thinking that maybe the Bears should get Iron Flesh.  That'll give them DEF 16 which ain't too shabby.  
  • Behemoth did well in these games because he could see through the clouds and all he needed was to boost the hit rolls and his damage was enough to kill Bane Knights.  
  • So that leaves me with 4 points to play around with.  In both games, A&H didn't do much because they were in the back.  Thinking about Greylords for more clouds; good for LOS denial and to give OW or Scrappy Prowl.  Their sprays would also give some anti infantry capabilities and short range fire which can be positioned in front of the Rifle Corps.  The Ternion could cloud the Rifle Corps and with Iron Flesh they would be DEF 17 to range.   
  • At 50 points, I want to bring in the Drakhun.  He could help the Doom Reavers on a flank by drawing fire and he's another model that can damage enemy armor.  POW 14 mount and another POW 14 for his main attack with Weapon Master.  But the main reason I think he would fit with OW is his denial capabilites with Countercharge.  That basically says, if you come over here, you're going to get hit really, really, hard.   It's all about denying terrain to the enemy.  OW does this with her feat and Murder of Crows.  The Rifle Corp does it with Suppressing Fire.  And the Drakhun can deny areas of the board by threatening a big countercharge.  So he can be used to fly down the flanks or he can be used to deny parts of the battlefield.  
  • For the other 10 points, possibly a Devastator to hold objectives but now that I have the Doom Reavers I'm open to other ideas.  Will have to think about that more but I know I want to run the Drakhun with her.  Got the box.  Just got to put him together.
I learned a lot tonight and will have to make sure that I play with the right amount of points next time.  I'm enjoying the current list that I have with Rifle Corps and now I just have to play with it more and streamline it.  0-13 but still eager to play and having a good time with the Old Witch.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Old Witch vs Borka 35 pts

Going into this match I was 0-10 with the Old Witch hungry for my first win with her.  Played against Steve tonight who brought out Borka.  His list looked something like this:
  • Borka
  • Mauler
  • Bomber
  • Kriel Warriors
  • 2 trolls carrying a pillar
  • 1 troll with a big rock
  • some burrowing ones
  • some other support models
I ran this 35 point list:
  •  Old Witch
  • Behemoth
  • Scrappy
  • Min Mechaniks
  • Great Bears
  • Widowmakers
  • Widowmaker Marksman
  • Manhunter
  • Winterguard Rifle Corp
  • Joe
We played Kill box and there were a few linear obstacles in the middle of the field; some crates.  I had a forest near my deployment zone on the right.  Steve had some giant crystal obstacles in his corner and we both had some ruined buildings in are other corners.

I forgot to bring my camera :( but will give you a summary of the battle.

Steve went first and ran everone up to the middle of the board.  It was a pretty intimidating sight as I was outnumbered.  His Kriel Warriors got Iron Flesh which got their Def up to 17.  They were deployed to my left.  In the middle he had his Mauler and the Bomber run up with support solos in the back.  Over on the right just in front of the woods he sent his burrowing dudes.

My I had the Widowmakers advanced deployed on the left and they took aiming shots at the front line Kriels and needing 8s they all missed!  The marksman was nearby and I think he was able to take one out but he feigned death so I wouldn't be able to target him.  Thought that was pretty cool.  Over on my far left my Manhunter stayed were she was just out of charge range of the Kriels.  I advanced my rifle Corp up and with boosted shots they killed maybe 4 of the burrowers and took some shots at the Kriels maybe downing one or two, not totally sure.  Scrappy ran to the left near the Widowmakers and OW teleported near him.  I was thinking that I might feat but I wouldn't catch the Mauler or the Bomber so I saved it.  She put Murder of Crows in front of the Kriels to block all charge LOS to the Widowmakers.  Behemoth also ran to the left.  Now there was a forest on my right and basic Augury tactics would say I should camp the Behemoth back there.  Not sure why I chose to not use the forest.  Maybe I was afraid of the burrowers because I wasn't quite sure what they could do?  Mechaniks followed Behemoth.

Bomber decides its time to throw some barrels and lobs two into the Rifle Corps taking out four, just one shy of a command check.  The Mauler moves up a little.  Over on the left the Kriel Warriors run around the Murder of Crows and a few engage my Widowmakers who were all base to base lol.  Another runs to engage my Manhunter.  The surviving burrowers burrow underneath of the forest and the rest of the Troll army move up just slightly. 

I would definitely be feating this turn and there were a bunch of things I could do.  I had the Kriels engaging my Widowmaker and Manhunter.  Scrappy was in charge range of the Kriels but I could also possibly advance him to the right where he could arc gallows to one of the Warbeasts.  My idea was to put Avatar on Scrappy and have him dance through the Kriel Warriors.  Hopefully that would take him close to the Murder of Crows where the OW could teleport to and Feat.  If she could do that, she would catch nearly the entire Troll army, be behind the Kriels and none of them could move or face a POW 14.  There was only one problem though; Scrappy didn't have Avatar on him so there was no way for OW to put it him, have him go crazy, and then teleport.  So I went with plan B.

Rifle Corp did what they could and cleared out some of the Kriels.  Manhunter missed her two attacks needing 7s.  Behemoth did more bombard shots on the Bomber with little damage.  Bears were in a bad position and fearing a big POW 16 from the Bomber, I spread them out and got them ready to counter charge stuff.  The Widowmakers opened a lane for Scrappy and they attacked the Kriels in melee but with MAT 4, yep not much happened.  So Witch moves a little, puts Avatar on Scrappy and Feats.   My thinking is that the Kriels don't have reach so even if Scrappy fails at his Avatar run, nothing can charge him or move towards him.  He charges a Kriel and I boost the first hit and needing 8s he misses.  I take some chances on unboosted 8s to hit and miss some.  He buys his last attack and kills the first one he charged but with the free attack fails to hit the second one.  

Unborrowed dudes pop up and charge a Mechanik and the Behemoth.  One Mechanik dies.  Bomber steps up taking the POW 14 (with little effect) and aims a bomb that deviates onto a Bear and a Widowmaker.  Bear survives but Widowmaker dies.  The second shot takes out more Rifleman bringing the unit down to two.  Mauler charges scrappy and annhilates him easily.  I may have forgotten to check for the Feat Turn POW 14.  Kriel engaged with Manhunter kills her and another on the Marksman kills him.  Supports along with Borka move around the center crates going way around the Murder of Crows.  The Trolls are closing in and the OW is backed into a corner.

Joe starts off next, calls boosted attacks and takes out one of the Pillar Trolls.  The remaining Rifle Corp take shots.  Can't remember the result but I remember what happens next because it's the stuff of legend.  Witch goes, puts Iron Flesh on herself and then the Great Bears charge.  One charges the Mauler and standing on the wrecked armor of Scrapjack proceeds to roll QUADRUPLE SIXES for damage!  With one swing he took out half of the Mauler's boxes.  The second swing also hits but isn't enough to bring the Beast down.  Another Bear charges the Bomber and takes out his Spirit.  Volkov runs inbetween both bears to keep everyone in command.  In hindsight, I should have charged him at the Mauler, which should have finished him, but I was worried that the other Bear would be out of command.  Mechaniks charge the Burrowers and the two remaining Tough!  Behemoth takes more aimed shots into the Bomber for little effect.  (he did this before the Bears charged).

Next turn the lone surviving Widowmaker falls to the fast approaching Kriels along with two of the Bears.  It's all up to the Mauler.  He charges into the OW with a few buffs and with his first swing misses!  He needs to roll 12s on three dice and buys his last attack.  It hits!  The Mauler then does an insane amount of damage and eats OW and heals a bit for a GG.

It was a really, really, enjoyable game on both sides, a truly epic fight.  Made a few mistakes here and there but overall I'm happy with the way I played and learned a lot in the process.  Here are some thoughts:
  • starting with the Widowmakers.  I shouldn't bunch them up like that.  One problem was that they blocked LOS for the Rifle Corp.  And then when the Kriels ran to engage them.  It only took two Kriels to engage the Marksman and three Widowmakers.  Should defnitely space them out more.  And oh man was I waiting for the Widowmakers to hit so I could call Sniper!  But they all missed their shots :( And!  If they hit they would have had Swift Hunter too.  Like having them in my list.
  • Manhunter was kinda meh.  She should have killed that one Kriel and would have been protected under OW's feat which would have allowed her to charge again.  But she died.
  • Rifle Corps.  Really liked them.  Range 14 is awesome and with boosted attacks were able to hit most of the infantry.  Could have probably spread them out a bit more to help with the Bomber's AOEs.  Didn't use suppressing fire once but after talking with Steve post-game will try to use that next time.  It works well with Murder of Crows to control the board and it can allow the rest of my army to move up and get into position.  Also, it might be used to funnel troops which would be good for Behemoth's AOEs.  It felt good using the Rifle Corps and will definitely use them again the next time I bring OW out.  
  • Behemoth.  Kept him pretty far back and sadly only used him for bombards.  I should play him more aggressively and get him into a position to charge.  Gotta make use of those armor piercing fists!  Also could have used the forest for cover and rain bombards all day from safety.  
  • Getting better at positioning Scrappy for an Avatar run, especially on feat turn where he is safe to move up.  Turning point of the game was when I lost him to the Mauler's charge though.  Without Scrappy, Old Witch loses a lot of her options-- can't teleport for manueverability, tougher time using Gallows.  And just not having Scrappy sucks big time as there are no more opportunities for save Avatar runs.  So next time just gotta be aware of enemy threat ranges.  That was on my lists of things to be aware of and I forgot lol--" Don't let my 'Jacks get charged."
  • Mechaniks didn't do anything in the game and I'll probably swap them and the Manhunter out for possibly the Ternion.  Clouds to grant prowl to OW and Scrappy and to maybe give the Widowmakers +4 DEF with Camo.  Sprays will also be helpful and also Ice Cages.  So I think they are definitely better than a Manhunter + Mechaniks.  Other option is maybe Aiyanna & Holt to help with dealing damage but I'll give the Ternion a shot.
  • Great Bears spend the opening turns in the back and I swung them left to get away from the Bomber.  That one charge on the Mauler Steve and I will never forget.  Could have gotten the third to charge but other than that I feel my positioning was alright.  Ya, when the charge, I really need all three to hit.
  • Old Witch.  I felt my positioning was ok in this game.  She was safe for the most part in the beginning and close enough to the front line to make use Murder of Crows and her feat.  She was backed into the Killbox corner though which limited her options late.  To do it differently, perhaps a bit of board control to lock down the center and get my models into position.  With Suppressing Fire in combination with Murder of Crows I might be able to hold Infanty back and save my feat for the following turn.  Taking the center aggressively and using this type of board control will keep the enemy away from the Old Witch and give her room to operate in the back.  
Thanks again to Steve for the game.  Was lots of fun!  Next week Tuesday our club starts the much anticipated Journeyman League and we're all looking forward to that.  I've also scheduled a game with Chris and his eSkarre list and I'm really looking forward to playing her.  Will give me something to study and prepare for this week :P

Monday, September 26, 2011

Old Witch Lists For Game Night

Following the advice of Von, who left a comment on one of my posts, I thought I would try to take a much simpler Old Witch list to Game Night tomorrow.  Goal being to learn the Old Witch and be able to focus on her and have units with simple tactics to use.  So here are my two lists:

Old Witch 35pts
  • Behemoth
  • Scrappy
  • Battle Mechaniks
  • Great Bears
  • Widowmakers
  • Widowmaker Marksman
  • Manhunter
  • Winterguard Rifle Corps
  • Kovnik Joe
Taking Behemoth for his two bombards gives me some range threat early in the game and then of course his ability to wreck heavy armor with his armor piercing fists.

Battle Mechaniks I thought I would try just to be able to heal systems like the Behemoth's subcortex and hopefully to keep my 'Jacks going a little bit longer.  Secondary duty for them will be to deny charges to my 'Jacks.

Great Bears are a bargain for 5 points and help OW with dealing with armor.  Just gotta make sure I play them aggressively but safe.  Easier said than done right?? :)

Widowmakers and the Marksman.  Taking them because they are a simple unit and I'd like to learn what they can do.  Thinking they can free up lanes, plink enemy 'Jacks to cripple a system or just harass on a flank.  With the Marskman, they will get Swift Hunter which will be icing.  The Marskman I've always liked with his RAT 8 and POW 12 gun.  He has stealth too which is another bonus.

Along with the Marksman, I bring another flanking stealth solo in the Manhunter.  She (bought the female variant) can help with armor duties and I like her two Weapon Master attacks.

For my main infantry unit I want to try the Rifle Corp out.  They fit with OW's denial/control theme with Suppressing fire.  With Joe and Boosted attacks they should tear apart infantry.

Thoughts on The List

It's very different than how I normally play.  Usually I have an infantry unit as my tarpit, helping to deny charges to my 'Jacks.  Here I'll use a combination of Murder of Crows and Suppressing Fire to block lanes from infantry and deny LOS to my 'Jacks.  Theory of course :)  But in looking at the list I feel good about it.  Behemoth, Great Bears, and the Manhunter should be able to deal with enemy armor and I feel confident that Scrappy, Widowmaker group, and the Rifle Corp can handle any infantry.  Widowmakers will be great against Shield Wall units with Sniper.  List is also fairly simple and if I make mistakes with my 'Jacks I'll have the Mechaniks hopefully nearby to repair.  We'll see how it goes. I'll post some batreps of my games and I'll be sure to take some pictures this time.

I also have a 50 point list just in case:

Old Witch 50pts
  •  Behemoth
  • Spriggan
  • Battle Mechaniks (max)
  • Great Bears 
  • Aiyanna & Holt
  • Widowmakers
  • Widowmaker Marksman
  • Winterguard Rifle Corps
  • Kovnik Joe
  • Manhunter
Same as the 35pt list except I bring a full unit of Mechaniks since I have two 'Jacks.  Choose the Spriggan for his Reach and tough armor.  Was considering the Devastator but last week when I had him I wished I had more attacking power.  Spriggan can also Bulldoze and starts with ARM 21 which is nice.

Aiyanna and Holt are there to help with damage helping all those POW 10s to become POW 12s and Holt is always a great shot.

Journeyman League Preseason: pSorscha vs pStriker

The Journeyman League for our club starts next week but Ben and I wanted to try out some battlebox games in the mean time.  It was pSorscha, Juggernaut, and a Destroyer, vs pStriker, Iron Clad, Lancer, and a Charger. 

First game I went first and ran my 'Jacks up with Sorscha under cover of Wind Rush and Fog of War getting her Defense up to 20.  As our forces closed, I charged the Destroyer into his Lancer and Wind Rushed Sorscha to the outside on my right.  My thinking was that the Destroyer would tie up the 'Jacks and maybe Sorscha would get an angle to assassinate.  After Ben's next turn, I feated and later realized that Sorscha can't charge through frozen models (duh).  I ended up losing the Destroyer in melee and what followed was Ben's tactic of constantly disrupting the Juggernaut.  It's a very good tactic.  Not sure if he also knocked down the Jugg.  Didn't quite see a way to come back so I charged Sorscha into Striker a few turns later but the odds were against her and she couldn't bring him down.  Ben ended up knocking her down with Earthquake and then the Lancer and Iron Clad walked over to finish her off.

Mistake was not understanding Stationary lol.  On feat turn, I could have charged my 'Jacks into his and because of stationary they would have basically auto hit (or does it auto hit?  Good thing we're playing battlebox games.  I should know that).  Also messed up when I shot a bombard at the Lancer but could have just used the axe instead and boosted the damage roll. 

For the second game my goal was not to lose the Destroyer so easily and just try to stay back and soften up the  Cygnar 'Jacks a little.  My formation was a triangle with Sorscha in the back and all of my models were about 4 inches from each other-- so a little spread out.  What followed was more knockdown and disruption mainly focused on the Destroyer.  Ben walked up the Lancer and arced Earthquake through him and then walked Striker with snipe to disrupt.  Ugly stuff.  Sorscha died when I exposed her to a shot from the Charger and it was aiming against Sorscha's DEF 18 (no FOW).  So it hit and then rolled triple 6 haha.  Another shot and that was it.

Some pretty bad games on my part and GG to Ben although the last game didn't really feel like it was a good one because it was over so fast :P  but of course, always fun to play him and talk strategy afterwards. 

But wow, feel really lost about what to do against the Cygnar Battlebox.  I like the challenge though and it's time for me to hit the drawing board and think about this particular matchup. 

So let's start with things to remember:
  • If I'm going to expose Sorscha to a shot, make sure it's under Wind Rush and Fog of War for DEF 20.
  • If I Wind Rush, do it away from the Charger to force it to move and give up it's aiming bonus
  • Stationary does not let me charge over bases ><;
  • Ben creates a wall of 'Jacks in front of Striker so how about this on feat turn: Destroyer gets 1 focus to boost damage on a POW 14 shot.  Jugg gets Boundless Charge probably.  That's 3 focus.  And then an extra one for another P+S 19 attack.  And Sorscha can Wind Rush the heck out of there.  Just gottta make sure that she catches all the targets in her control area.  hmmm~ Destoryer will probably be distrupted so Jugg doesn't get that extra focus.
  • Also against the wall of 'Jacks, might consider just knocking them all down with Tempest.  Sorscha can still Wind Rush away and the Destroyer will get a POW 14 bombard if that should hit.  
  • Also, Sorscha HAS A GUN!  Couple turns she was in range to shoot it but I just forgot about it.  POW 12 could do a little damage to those light jacks.   
more thoughts later :P

Thursday, September 22, 2011

0-10 With Old Witch: Thoughts On My Games

Old Witch vs Siege
This is one of the very first games that I played with her going against my good buddy Ben who plays Cygnar.  Scenario was Overrun and he brought Siege along with Trencher Commandos.  Can't remember much but I know I feated on turn 1 and didn't catch any of Ben's army in it.  At that time I didn't fully understand the feat and all I wanted to do was prevent models from moving into it.  So in that game the feat didn't do anything.
  • Feated too early.  Didn't know about "can't run, charge, or make special actions."
  • Beast-09 and Devastator were operational for a long time but Old Witch ran away out of control and she couldn't allocate focus for the closing turns of the game. 
  • thought Scrapjack could Avatar of Slaughter my own models but it doesn't work like that :P
  • Didn't know that you can bulldoze and not take free strikes; had a fully loaded Devastator ready to charge Siege.

Old Witch vs Mortenebra
Chris brought one of his favorite lists for this one, Morty tier 4.  His list consisted of the usual suspects; two Warwitch Sirens, DJ, Seether, Slayer, Harrower, and Stich Thralls (they blow up but not Biles).  I knew that OW had trouble against armor so I knew this was going to be very, very, challenging.  I brought a unit of Assault Kommandos which didn't help. Took a Spriggan and also had Winterguard with maybe 2 rockets with solos mixed in.

Overrun was too much to handle and Chris did a brilliant move to throw my Spriggan into Scrapjack knocking both of them down.  In the process he took out eEiryss.  On a critical turn I blocked my Spriggan from a charge into DJ.  Chris pressured with all his 'Jacks and I wasn't able to neutralize all the threats even with the Winterguard doing CRAs to take out a slayer.  Assault Kommandos just sat on the objective (Gaining Ground probably) and didn't contribute to the game.  I ran Scrapjack late in the game and teleported Witch away but with Overrun she was caught.
  • Feat doesn't really do much against 'Jacks
  • Blocked in my Spriggan so he couldn't charge DJ
  • Instead of sitting my AKs in my zone I should have pressured Morty.  The AKs would have been immune to the corrosive damage from Sirens and the pressure might have pulled one of his 'Jacks away from the main battle where I didn't have enough anti armor.  eEiryss didn't do much.  Should have used her to disrupt the enemy 'Jacks.  
  • Did learn how to do CRAs with Winterguard for first time though and saw that they can take out Cryx heavies in the process. 

Old Witch vs Harbringer
Denial feat vs Denial Feat.  Wrote a batrep for this game that you can read here.  We played with a timer and scenario.  Some of the things that I remember from this game:
  • Still wasn't sure how to use eEiryss effectively.  I pulled her from the flank and got her close to my 'Jacks which she disrupted for a COUPLE of turns.  Definitely not good.  That's what I'm supposed to do to his 'Jacks.
  • Allowed my 'Jacks to get charged especially Beast-09.  Need to be aware of threat ranges.
  • Scrapjack didn't do anything this game.  Didn't have a plan for him and didn't know how to get him into melee so he could use Avatar of Slaughter.
  • Running low on time I had all of my assassins engaged with Patrick's Daughters and Aiyanna & Holt but I ran out of time and couldn't do my attacks.  Worse yet, when I moved the Underboss I left half the unit out of formation.  Learned that I can't be bogged down and need to keep Assassins moving so they can threaten the back line support units.
  • Didn't do Winterguard activation properly forgeting to use Joe first to call boosted attacks.  Had WG in position with Errants but they couldn't hit them.   

Old Witch vs eKrueger
First game against Krage at our gaming club and he brought Circle with eKrueger.  He posted a slideshow batrep with good analysis on Youtube that you can see here.  This game was rather quick.  Had Spriggan, Assassins, A&H and Widowmakers.  He had Megalith, Warpwolf, Worldwarden (?), Wolf Riders, Shifting Stones, Stone Keeper, and a Wilder. 
  • Didn't catch too much in the feat, again, thinknig that the feat was used as a wall instead of something to "catch" the opposition in.  
  • Wasn't familiar with circle at all and when the Warpwolf teleported via stones to my flank, he sprayed and killed some Assassins (with blessed maybe) and also the Great Bears.  Spriggan was TK'd and turned around.  
  • I probably conceded too early when my Assassins all died.  I still had Spriggan and Scrappy but it seemed like my army lost some steam.  Should have played it through to get more practice with my army and learn more about Circle.  
  • Once again Scrappy unable to get into melee with anything.
  • I know that during this time I think about using Gallows a lot to pull things closer to my 'Jacks.  

Old Witch vs Reznik
Played against Trong from Brookhurst Hobbies going against Reznik.  Took a Devastator this time and his armor was too tough to crack.  Stayed alive the entire game although when Witch got into trouble she retreated out of control range of the Devastator and couldn't allocate focus as the Devastator was getting danerously close to Reznik.  No Scenario.   
  • Against certain lists, the Devastator is nigh unpenetrable.  Need to keep OW in control range of him to allocate focus and threaten a charge with Rain of Death.  Can't remember what other units I had but probably Assassins.

Old Witch vs Rayvn 9/6/11
Setting up early on a club game night I took OW and battle Rayvn in the scenario that has two vertical zones to control.  He had a very shooty list with only one 'Jack so I was curious to see how my list would fare.  I brought a Devastator again as my lone 'Jack with Great Bears, Widowmaker Marksman, Assassins, and WG.
  • Was able to score first by feating and then clearing out the zone with WG sprays.  Things looked rather good at that point but soon the tide would be shifting.
  • Something killed all my Great Bears with a Starfire shot that gave Fire Continuous Effect.  Bears were in B2B triangle formation.  If one gets hit by an AOE, they all get hit.  
  • Devastator attacked and killed the lone Ret heavy.  Can't remember how.  Scrapjack was never able to get into melee.  
  • Assassins ran up at the Ret gunlines and eventually was taken out.  
  • Marksmen held down the left flank against eEiryss and a Mage Hunter Assassin. 
  • May have taken off Iron Flesh from WG at one point which made them slightly vulnerable.
  • Perhaps after my early advantage I got to anxious and overextended? 

Old Witch vs eButcher 9/6/11
In my first game against Adam he brings out eButcher to do a little clinic on how he works.  We played scenario but can't remember which one.  He had eButcher, Fenris, 2 units of Doom Reavers, Escort, Ragman, Corbeau, Dog, Beserker, and a Juggernaut.  I had Assasssins, Winterguard, and can't remember what 'Jacks I had, probably the usual solos included.
  • Nearly secured a point first but Gallows on a Berserker failed to pull him out.
  • Learned WG sprays destroys Doom Reavers.  
  • Learned that on a fully loaded eButcher, need to have Iron Flesh on jamming Kayazy or eButcher will tear through them.  DEF 16 isn't enough.  
  • Also learned how is feat works when Fenris got to make a full advance after he ran the turn before.  Old Witch died soon after that.
  • Nothing notable from Scrapjack.

Old Witch vs Rorsh and Brine (the two headed pigs) 9/13/11
Might have been 3 heavies in John's list.  Never played Farrow before.
  • Got first point in Scenario (veritcal zones) by feating and clearing out the zone.  Took the WG and and assassin to do it.  So I had an early advantage and a pretty good position.  
  • Critical turn I decide not to charge one of his heavies thereby forcing him to choose between retaliating against Scrappy or the Spriggan.  
  • Scrapjack not getting to use Avatar yet again.
  • Towards the end of the game I was getting lazy and kept off Iron Flesh from WG.  They were picked off easily and John took the zone for his 2nd point.  

Old Witch vs pMadrak 9/20/11
Wrote a batrep you can read here.  Old Witch vs a Tough army with infantry that can hit ARM 20?  Going to be difficult.    
  • Starting to understand OW's feat.  You need to actually catch as much of the opposing army in it as you can.  Main reason is it will prevent models from running, charging, and making special actions like tramples and slams.  If infantry move they are dead but the thing to remember is that the enemy can't easily retaliate against you next turn.  So that means you can aggressively move up, often run up to get your forces into position to attack/charge next turn.  They will be safe as nothing caught in the feat can charge you so all heavies can do is walk up and attack.  If they do that, they won't have the charge bonus for damage.  So get your army in position to strike and watch out for ranged attacks.  
  • Starting to understand Scrappy.  One of his main roles is to attack infantry with Avatar of Slaughter.  What this means is that you have to get him into position to charge something next turn.  You can usually do this safely if you jam the enemy with units like Assassins or use a screen.  In this game I was finally able to get off some Avatar runs but it wasn't as successful as I would have liked because of the high ARM and Tough of the Trolls. Still, good practice.
  • Kept Bears too far in the back.  Wasn't aware of Troll threat range.  Bears should get first charge on stuff because of SPD 6 compared to Troll SPD 5.  
  • Behemoth wasted bombards on Madrak who had a bouncer near him and because of an ability he has to negate damage from an attack once per game.  This put Behemoth in a position to be charged by some Trolls next turn that pretty much wrecked him.  Got to make sure my 'Jacks don't get charged.  
  • Devastator Rain of Death'd a few times.  Not sure if it was worth it.  
  • Got more practice using Aiyanna's Kiss to help damage Heavies.  
  • Need to be more aggressive with Gorman.  Again, it's threat ranges.  I can keep OW safe and not rely on Gorman's cloud for Stealth if I know the enemy's threat ranges.

Old Witch vs Vindictus 9/21/11
Played on Vassal, Patrick and I had another epic match.  Scenario was Gaining Ground.  I had Behemoth, Dev, Assasins, WG+3 Rockets, Gorman, Wyshnalyrr, and Great Bears.  He had Reckoner, 2 units of Knights Exemplar.  2 units of Zealots.  2 Knights Exemplar Senescals, Cinerators, choir, book, Gorman, and eEiryss. 
  • I used the feat to catch a lot of the Menoth army.  Vindictus' feat along with the Zealots mini feat ensured that I wouldn't be doing any kind of damage for a turn.  
  • Kayazy were countered by A LOT of zealot bombs even being engaged in melee didn't matter because the zealots threw bombs 1-2 inches away.  Was nasty.   
  • WG did really well with no way for Patrick to remove Iron FleshThey survived with a majority of the unit until the end of the game.  Mostly did blunderbuss shots and CRAs with them.
  • Behemoth did well with bombards but might have been good to keep him behind a forest for protection.  Either that or use Murder of Crows to protect him.  Allowed him to be charged by one of the Knights Exemplar Senescals (how do you spell that?)  It did something like 30 damage.  To kill them, have to kill units around them first then him or else he will heal.  
  • The last Knights Exemplar is tough to crack at ARM 20.  Need CRAs to do it.  
  • Thought more about positioning Scrappy and felt I had the right idea but he was bombed by Eiryss and late in the game he was charged by one of the last Knights Exemplar.  It had a sliver of LOS around Murder of Crows.  But at least I had the right idea and tried to protect him behind MOC.  Maybe I needed to get him into melee sooner as he didn't really have an impact on the game early on.  
  • Patrick demonstrates how to use eEiryss effectively.  She disrupted Behemoth with a shot early and then late game she ran up and with positioning disrupted both Behemoth and Scrappy.  
  • Charged Bears to try and clear a zone against low point models.  One took out a Cinerator and nearly got another.  Lost all bears on counter attack from Patrick next turn.  Charging them wasn't worth it.  He said he didn't know how he wasn't going to get them, and then I ran them up.  
  • Devastator moved up and Rain of Death'd taking out a lot of stuff.  I lost him next turn.  Not sure if it's best to do that or just have Devastator be there to be a distraction, hold an objective, or threaten a charge on the caster.  If I kept him closed, Patrick would always have to position his models perfectly or else the Dev would get Weald Secrets for Pathfinder and charge with bulldoze, Rain of Death, and then buy more attacks.  That threat is perhaps more valuable then doing Rain of Death early and then losing the Dev next turn.  Next game I'll try keeping him closed, hold objectives and threaten caster charges.
  • Despite the loss in this game I was really happy with my play as I'm starting to get the hang of Scrapjack and his positioning and using Murder of Crows for defense and to hinder the opposing army's movement.  Gotta work on protecting my 'Jacks though and making sure I don't sacrifice valuable units like the Great Bears for nothing.   

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Warmachine Batrep: Old Witch vs pMadrak

Another loss with the Old Witch :(  I have somewhere close to ten games with her and haven't won a game yet.  She is pretty tough to learn and use effectively but I will continue to press on.  She is really fun to play though as she has a lot of tricky things she can do and is very different than the usual Khador caster. 

Played a 50pt game against Doug tonight and had a really fun game despite the loss.  I had:

Old Witch
Full Winterguard +UA+3 Rocketeers
Full Kayazy Assassins + UA
Aiyanna & Holt

I can't remember the unit names that he had but here's their description

Axe heavy
guy carrying big stone with three other guys
Ogrun Bokur type Troll
cheap tarpit unit with CMA and the pillar guy
heavy infantry unit with 8 boxes
cannon with 2 grunts
solo with scrolls
and a few more that I can't remember :P 

There were a lot of trolls.  Just going to give a brief summary of the game and what I learned/did wrong.

Doug advanced his army up on his first turn and on my turn I might have feated.  Can't remember but when I did feat I caught the Mauler and most of his front line units on the right.  His army was stopped dead cold as the Mauler couldn't charge and the rest didn't want to take POW 14s.  During the feat my Assassins ran up but I didn't have any other units move up to get ready to charge on the next turn.  This was a little mistake.  Sure I stopped his army from hitting mine but I wasn't in a good position to hit him back.  Only the Assassins were in charge range of some of his units.  If I had to do it again I would have ran the WG up and position them so they could do CRAs or sprays next turn.  I'd run the Assassins up more so most of them could get the charge up and I would trample the Behemoth and run both the Dev and Scrappy to get them into position along with the Bears who for most of the game were in the back.

I've just learned recently (from reading the card lol) that the Old Witch's feat not only gives POW 14s if you advance and end your activation in her control area but if you are caught in it, you can't run, charge, or make special actions.  So basically since your opponent can't charge you, if they don't have range, you can just run up and get into threat range to charge them on your next turn-- first striking.  But in this game only the Assassins were in position.  So I'll try to remember that next time.

After feat turn I ran the assassins into melee with some cheap tarpitting trolls to engage them and hopefully Killstroke next turn.  They were at DEF 19 in melee with Iron Flesh but those trolls got a lot of +2 MAT buffs and CMAs gave them MAT 11 or was it 13?  It was crazy and after charging them in, all my assassins were wiped out except the underboss.

Madrak moved up and the heavy infantry Trolls ran up and created a wall in front of him.  There was a opening to Madrak though and Behemoth shot some Bombards.  The first one was negated by the Bouncer (like the Ogrun Bokur) and the second shot was negated by one of Madrak's abilities which allows him to not take damage once per game.  So sad for the Behemoth.  Underboss charged Madrak for no damage.

After this his heavy infantry Trolls charged Behemoth and tied hm up for the remainder of the game with their high armor and tough rolls.  Next to the Behemoth, the Devastator was taking charges from the cheap tarpitting Trolls.

Devastator would get to use Rain of Death twice before eventually falling to some heavy hitting from that unit and that guy with the pillar. 

Srapjack got to charge and clean up some of the Trolls with Avatar of Slaughter but it was very difficult to do with the Trolls making Tough rolls. 

Winterguard tried to CMA those heavy infantry Trolls and after that did a ton of boosted sprays into the Troll carrying the stone and his unit.  Eventually they were able to take the stone out. 

So Doug continued to advance Madrak and his posse of heavy beasts, one getting a thresher on 3 of my WG. 

Eventually my front line would fall so I tried to do an assassination.  Aiyanna goes first and Harms Madrak.  Cool.  A Bear takes two free strikes to try and reach the Troll blocking a vital charge lane to Madrak.  He Toughs the first free strike but fails the second one and dies.  Not cool.  Joe activates with boosted attacks and gets that troll down to one life.  Then it takes almost the entire WG to blunderbuss that troll leaving one to do a blunderbuss on Madrak.  The Bouncer may have taken the hit for that one. 

So Scrapjack on 4 focus charges Madrak and does a ton of damage on his first attack but Madrak spends his last focus to transfer damage.  Scrapjack then has a tough time damaging so that leaves Witch left.  She teleports into melee with Madrak and does some damage.  With one focus left on her last attack she needed 10s to hit and 10s to kill.  She misses her bought attack and I concede :P 

It was a really fun game and a long grueling one too.  Some things to remember for next time:

  • On Feat Turn, try to catch as many of the opposing army as possible to prevent charges.  Then aggressively position my units to be able to first strike on my next turn.  Only thing that can really hurt me is range so watch out of that.
  • Play Bears more aggressively up front especially against SPD 5 Trolls.  
  • Don't allow Behemoth to get charged.
  • Devastator: ARM 25 is awesome but I wish I could attack more with him.  Perhaps I just gotta bulldoze stuff away and if it was scenario just have him contest a zone or flag.  Maybe bring back Spriggan for some P+S 18 goodness (and Bulldoze too). 
  • Assassins-- I feel like they don't do enough damage with Old Witch.  Sorta makes me wonder if I should bring in Doom Reavers or even Iron Fangs.  But then again, with Gang and Harm from Aiyanna, Assassins would be at P+S 14 which isn't too shabby.  
  • eEiryss would have been helpful to take away some of the ARM buffs on the trolls.
  • if it comes down to assassination, consider putting Avatar on Old Witch the turn before I need her to assassinate.  Then I can run Srappy up, teleport and have Witch in melee with Avatar upkept.  
  • Maybe try advancing my 'Jacks with Murder of Crows in front of them to prevent LOS and charges to them.   

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Journeyman League

A lot of people in my gaming club recently got interested in starting the Journeyman League for Warmcahine.  For those of you who haven't heard of this, it's an official league that you can run that Privateer Press has created rules for.

The basic idea is that you start with a Faction Battlebox and slowly grow your army all the way to 35pts.  You earn points every week for games you play, minis you paint, and a third score for both your game points and painting points added up. 

Week 1 you play with the Battlebox.
Week 2 is 15 points with Battlebox
Week 3 is 25 points with Battlebox
Week 4 is 25 points with Battlebox plus Caster swap allowed
Week 5 is 35 points with Battlebox, either original Caster or Caster swapped one.
Week 6 is 35 points, anything goes!

At first I wasn't too excited as I wasn't sure how fun it would be to run a Juggernaut and a Destroyer for 5 weeks but after looking at pSorscha I realized there's a lot I could learn by playing her, especially her assassination playstyle.  I've never played her before ever so I'm really looking forward to it now.  Also, although the Khador 'Jacks are pretty basic, I'm going in with an open mind trying to see if there are new things I can learn.  If anything, this "slow grow" league will give me a chance to relearn the basics and get a solid foundation on the game's mechanics.  When I first started, I progressed pretty rapidly to 25 points and then to 25 points but I never really got a solid grasp of power attacks and to this day I still have to look up how to do one.  I know that's a very important part of gameplay and I'd like to get better at that aspect of my game. 

I'll document the League as it progresses and share what I learn along the way.  Here's my tentative plan so far for my lists.

Week 1- Battlebox
During the first week we'll all be playing A TON of Battlebox games and they should go really quick.  So I'll try to experiment a lot and see how to get a basic assassination off.  Besides that I'll just run through her spells and make sure I use them in my games.  Also want to focus on power attacks like slams; don't do those enough.

Week 2- 15pts
eEiryss and the Dog! just kidding.  Widowmakers seem like the no brainer upgrade at this level as they add a manageable unit to the game with some tricky things like sniper.  Some cool synergy with Sorscha as Fog of War lets the Widowmakers get to DEF 18 in the open.  Not sure how many targets they will have but if they have to hit heavies, I can experiment with trying to snipe out a column.

Week 3- 25 points
Assault Kommandos! Now that's no joke.  I'm being totally serious lol.  I love this unit despite their lackluster performance.  The Journeyman League gives me the opportunity to try them out.  Sorscha can help them hit targets with her feat or by knocking down things with Tempest.  She can also freezing grip them.  Likewise, the AKs can help her hit with spells by potentially lowering the targets DEF with gas grenades.  Not sure how much they help with the Assassination but I'm looking forward to painting these guys and seeing how the trench on their bases will turn out.

Week 4- 25 points, possible caster swap
I'll play it by ear but I'm hoping to take pSorscha all the way to the end and not swap her out.  There's no way that I can learn all her tricks in 4 weeks so at that time, I'm sure I'll still be digging for tactics and strategy.  Can I try other units in my games and keep swapping them?  I recently got a female manhunter so maybe I'll try her.  Another Camo model to benefit from Fog of War and a pretty decent threat range.

Weeks 5-6
I haven't thought this far ahead and I'm sure when I get there I'll have a better idea of what I want to try after playing pSorscha for a month.  pEiryss seems fun to try to help with the Assassination and she has some tricky shots that she can do.  Need the model though.  

My Wife Played Her First Warmachine Game

I mentioned to my wife that our club was starting a Journeyman League and asked her if she was interested in trying out a small game.  She said yes to my surprise and so we played a little Khador vs Khador.

I asked her if she wanted someone tough or fast and tricky.  She said tough so she got pButcher along with a Spriggan and a Juggernaut. 

I got pSorscha, a Kodiak and a Marauder.

We played caster kill on a small kitchen table (with battle mat of course).  I went first to show her how movement works and focus allocation.  I moved my 'Jacks and then she activated hers choosing to run Spriggan and walk the Juggernaut.  I hadn't told her about charging so we walked into combat, our 'Jacks colliding and her Spriggan fighting the Kodiak while the Juggernaut faced off against the Marauder. 

She learned quickly about MAT vs DEF, and P+S vs ARM and we just did some attacks for that round. 

Next round her Juggernaut was still walking up so I taught her about charging.  She got it and charged the Jugg into my Marauder liking the fact that she gets an extra die for damage.  She rolled pretty badly on her rolls though doing like 2 damage on average to the Marauder. 

Butcher charged in and then she learned about buying attacks with focus.  He hurt the Marauder more :( 

I counter attacked with my 'Jacks and left Sorscha on all her focus. 

Next turn after knowing how to buy attacks, I showed her how she can allocate to 'Jacks to buy attacks for them.  She wanted to share the focus evenly so she gave two to the Spriggan, two to the Juggernaut and Butcher had two lol.  Jugg was wrecked. 

Next turn I reposition Sorscha in Butcher's charge range :P and Kodiak continues to go to work at the Spriggan crippling his shield arm. 

She sends Butcher charging Sorscha who is camping focus and gets her down to two life.  I attack back with all my focus and do some damage to Butcher.  Next turn Butcher swings with boosted Weapon Master lol and kills her. 

She said she enjoyed the game and can see why guys like it; a lot of analyzing and strategy.  She said that she could see herself handling 15 point games and will try again later. 

Before going to sleep she wanted to see if she remembered all the stats from memory and I was amazed that she knew all the SPD, MAT, DEF, ARM, P+S of all her models and mine too.  It took me months to know those stats. 

And lastly she asked me how do 'Jacks throw things because she was home when I beat Ben in that legendary game where my Kodiak threw the Wardog to knockdown Siege and Butcher walked up needing double sixes to kill him and got the roll for an Obliteration win!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Club Tourney Part 2

Game 3

Continuing my batreps from our club tourney we go to Game 3 where I faced off against Steven and his eThags army:

Cauldron with Cauldron people

I had the same eSorscha list as before. Scenario was a radial one with our flag on our right and a zone we had to contest on the other side of the board.  To score a point, we had to capture a flag and contest that zone.  Steven and I were 2-0 going into this game and winner would play for the title in the next round.

I wasn't sure what to do but set up with Winterguard on the left, my battlegroup central, and Kayazy on the right.  Solos were scattered in the middle. 

I sent the Kayazy after the flag where they fought the Legionnaires the the whole game backed up by the Cauldron.  Between Vengeance and an ability that gave some kind of feedback to my Assassins which possibly would kill them, they were a tough foe to crack especially with their buffed ARM of 18.  Assassins hung in there though with their high DEF and ganging ability.  At one point I thought I could clear my flag and score a point by running one of my assassins to contest the zone.  This almost worked but I did two things wrong-- I forgot to go base to base with my flag after I cleared it and the other one was I think I needed the whole unit with 4" of the flag to secure it.  So running that assassin to contest was neat but wouldn't have worked anyway. 

Over in the middle I had my Spriggan with Great Bears for backup faced off against the Legion heavies.  I charged the Spriggan on feat turn and took out the Carnivean but the Scythean and Thagrosh just counter attacked and the Spriggan was wrecked. 

I lost some bears early to the Raek on the left flank who was trying to secure his flag.  My winterguard attacked him but I messed up when I discovered that the Raek has stealth!  I was sort of caught off guard and didn't even realize I could have just sprayed him instead of doing the CRAs.  That little guy just confused the heck out of me and I tried leaving melee combat with him so I could shoot him but later realized that my Winterguard should have just charged him and finished him off.  The Raek eventually secured the flag and only had a few boxes left and when the Legionnaires ran to contest my zone Steven got a point. 

At that stage of the game I was without most of my heavy hitters and Thagrosh still had the Raek and Scythean to transfer to.  With no hope of scoring a point and time running out I conceded the game.

Despite the loss, Steven was fun to play and he showed up to our gaming night last night and we talked about that game a little.  I don't have that much experience with Legion so I asked him what I could have done better.  He suggested that I forget the flag and go for the beasts as they are the key to Hordes and the source of the Warlocks power.  Without the beasts, Warlocks cannot get Fury to power their spells and they don't have bodies to transfer damage to.  So in Warmachine you can go for the caster but in Hordes it usually is better to take out the Beasts first. 

Steven went on to face John, his former master and in the title match the apprentice won.  Congrats again to Steven on winning it all.  :)

But there was still one game to go and for me and Adam, this would decide 3rd place . 

Game 4

I played Adam the Tuesday before the tourney and for this game he brought a very similar list:

2 units of Doom Reavers
Greylord  Escort

From my last game I knew that the doomies would be vulnerable to Winterguard sprays.  His main assassination threat would come from Fenris so I had to keep an eye on him.  Scenario was two 8" circles in the center.  Score in the farthest one. 

I went first and had Winterguard on the right, Kayazy on the left, and Battlegroup in the center.  Bears were behind the Winterguard.  I ran everyone up.

Adam had his two units of Doom Reavers on the front line with the MOWST and Butcher in the middle with the Juggernaut slightly to the left and Fenris was watching over the right flank behind the Doom Reavers. 

My plan with my front line was to stay as close to the edge of the Doom Reavers as possible and only expose a few of my Winterguard to a charge.  I put 3 forward and left Adam with a choice.  He can charge those few Winterguard and recieve a counter attack from the entire Winterguard or he can hold back and allow me to advance with Desperate Pace and spray his line with boosted attacks.  He chose to hold back a little and my Winterguard advanced under Bob & Weave and boosted attacks and the few Winterguard that shoot lined up at least two Doom Reavers in each of their sprays.  3 of them made Tough rolls but knockdown meant that they couldn't charge and attack.  After seeing this Adam wasn't content to hold them back so he charged what he could and tried to tie up my WG, but with DEF 17 I lost only 1 or 2.  Because the Doom Reavers had Reach, I was able to step a few of my WG back a little opening up the Doom Reavers to sprays that freed some of the WG.  After that attack only 1 Doom Reaver was left and the Escort was taken out. 

Over on the left, the Assassins faced off against the other Doom Reaver unit playing the same game as the Winterguard.  I put only a few Assassins within charge range banking on their DEF 16 in melee.  Behind them was arrayed the rest of the Assassins ready to counter attack.  Adam sent the whole unit in a charge and after all the attacks I lost only 1 Assassin.  Now I had options to either counter the Doom Reaver line or Killstroke past them.  I did a little of both.  Most hit the Doomies but a few ran past; one tied up the Juggernaut in my scoring zone and another met Fenris who had moved to the center after a few CRAs from the Winterguard.  The left side Doom Reaver unit was wiped out and after a few more CRAs and the Assassins attack, Fenris was taken out of the game.  Phew.  Big threat neutralized. 

In the middle Adam used his Berserker to slam my Spriggan out of the zone.  This was a brilliant move as it knocked him down and collateral damage went to a Bear, but luckily the Bear lived.  All that I had left were a handful of Winterguard in my zone at that point and if the Doomies had gotten a little luckier with their rolls, Adam would have scored a point. 

His MOWST advanced under Shield Wall into Adam's scoring zone.  They would be tough to crack.  I first got up the Spriggan and charged it into the Berserker wrecking it.  Then a Bear charged a Shocktrooper and killed him but there were two left in the zone. 

Time was running out and I destroyed most of Adam's army and was in control of the attrition battle.  He shifted Butcher to my scoring zone next to his Juggernaut and I was worried about sending all of my Assassins in there for fear of Butcher's feat turn.  The last time we played, DEF 16 wasn't enough to stop Butcher.  I would have liked to use Iron Flesh on them but I kept Sorscha way back for fear of Fenris.  The decision to hold back the Assassins would be costly though as Dice Down was called and I ended u losing on tie breaker because Adam had 2 Shocktroopers in his scoring zone and I didn't have enough Assassins in mine. 

I was a little disappointed to lose that one, especially because I was winning on the battlefield but I can't complain really because I had a fun game.  I also learned some new tactics like keeping my guys out of charge range and only leaving a few vulnerable.  It was great fun trying to control the front lines, especially against an army that doesn't rain constant AOEs on you.

Congrats again to Adam who earned 3rd place with that win and the guys from Red 5 ended up taking top 3 :D Since the weekend I've gotten to play John, who placed 2nd, and I really enjoy the games I get with them.  Glad they make it out to our game nights and hope to get more games in the future.

So that was the tourney and I learned a lot.  I've been talking with Steven and John and trying to figure out how to create two lists in a tourney.  When people look at my lists, usually they can see a lot of high DEF and plan accordingly.  So if I take one list with High DEF, the other should be a little different in some ways.  Perhaps more armor.  Will have to think more about that.

Also learned in the tourney that I don' t have many units that can run to a zone to contest it.  I have a few solos but I play them conservatively so they're usually in the back.  Perhaps I have to play them more forward. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Club Tourney

Had a blast today at our club tourney-- 35pt Steamroller, 2 lists.  We had about 11 for the tourney, somewhere around that number and got to make some new gaming buddies today which was really cool.  I had a pButcher list but ended up playing eSorscha the whole day as I had a little more experience with that list recently.  Here's the list:

Great Bears
Max Kayazy + Underboss
Max Wingerguard + UA + Joe
Aiyanna and Holt

eSorscha I find is just a good all around caster.  This army has the Winterguard sprays to take care of infantry and anti armor duties fall to the Great Bears, Spriggan, and also use of Sorscha's feat which doubles damage over armor.  A&H and Gorman are there to help the units do even more damage on feat turn.  Sorscha also helps the Winterguard a lot by giving them +2 movement and rerolls on failed CRAs which is awesome (forgot about that one in games).  Here's some batreps.

Game 1
Faced off against Max who brought out eNemo with Thunderhead, Stormclad, Ironclad, two Stormsmiths, Arlan, Squire, and a min unit of Stormblades.  Scenario was Destruction.

Max was unlucky in deployment because he got some deep water near his deployment zone which is bad because if infantry step in it they take a wound and 'Jacks will go inert.  So he had to split his force a little with the Ironclad off to one flank; also because he didn't want it taking damage from the Thunderhead's Pulse.

My infantry advanced and I had Winterguard on the right against the Ironclad, a Stormsmith and Arlan.  Kayazy was opposite the Thunderhead with the Blades protecting his front.

Key moment of the match was when I was able to get a Winterguard out of melee with the Ironclad with DEF 17 and do a boosted spray down the entire line of Stormblades, wiping out the unit.  Max forgot to add +2 to the free strike hit which would have hit the Winterguard; I didn't catch that either.  After that the Thunderhead Pulsed a group of my Winteguard and then Sorscha feated and Juggernaut (forgot to put Spriggan in), the Bears, and Winteguard CRAs wrecked Max's heavies.  With the main army taken out Max conceded after that. 

It was the first time that I got to play Max and he is a lot of fun to play against; great opponent.  Hope to get more games with him in the future.

I've faced the Thunderhead Ball before with Thunderhead and Stormblades in front of him (Ben's Cygnar) but this was the first time I was able to use the Winterguard.  My strategy with the Winterguard was to "try" and stay out of Pulse range and hopefully do a lot of two man CRAs at POW 14 and dice-4.  Hopefully that would chip away at heavy 'Jack armor. 

Strat for the Assassins was basically stay the heck away from the Thunderhead.  Pulse will auto kill Assassins and running to engage the Ball was not an option because I would get Pulsed.  Charging would get me some kills but I would still get Pulsed.  Actually, I don't know what I was going to do with the Assassins but I tried to keep them out of charge range of the Blades and let the Winterguard slowly pick away at the army. 

This was against Glorious, another Cygnar player and he brought out Kraye with Cyclone, Defender, Stormclad (?), Gun Mages + UA, Arlan, Squire, and at least one Stormsmith.  This scenario had two flags in the center.  Someone had to score on flag #1 before flag #2 could be scored against.

Glorious had ATGM behind a wall on the left next to the Defender and Stormclad.  Cyclone off to the right with the Stormsmith.

I advanced the Winterguard with Desperate Pace and Iron Flesh to go after the first flag on the left and hopefully reach the ATGMs.  With their high DEF they were able to survive their gunfire from eventually reach them with boosted sprays and blunderbuss shots taking out more than half the unit. 

In the middle, Glorious' Defender had its way with my Spriggan with it's sick range and POW 15  gun.  But Glorious had a dilemma as the ATGMs couldn't really take the flag so the burden fell to the 'Jacks.  The Defender eventually walked up to contest it and my Spriggan was able to charge it and wreck it.

Over on the right his Cyclone faced off against the Assassins and laid down some suppressive fire templates to block the Assassins.

Eventually, Glorious pulled both his 'Jacks to the left to fight the Spriggan; the Stormclad bringing it down.  But then Sorscha feated and got the two remaining Cygnar Heavies in her control.  The Assassins swarmed the Cyclone and a Bear charged the Stormclad and also the Cyclone.  Both were wrecked.  With his 'Heavies gone, ATGMs below half strength and no way for Kraye to reach Sorscha, Glorious resigned.

One thing I thought that Glorious could have done was maybe hold the Defender back and have it just pound away at the Spriggan.  It would take me a while to get to him and in my experience, anything the Defender focuses on will go down, especially Khador Heavies.  And then the Stormclad could contest the flag.

Glorious was another great guy to play against.  First time we played against each other.

With round 2 over I was 2-0 and would go against another 2-0 player, Steven.  Getting a little sleepy so I'll continue that and the next game tomorrow :D 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Khador Devastator WIP

Recently bought a bunch of new models but thought I would assemble my Devastator because I may be using him in my club's tournament this Saturday.  Main thing I worked on yesterday was the magnets and his arms.

I wasn't planning on doing this at first but realized that if I used magnets, it might allow the arms to rotate so he could have an open version and a closed one.  This is pretty neat because it will simulate his Rain of Death special attack.  So in the above pic, you can see how I dremel'ed out a whole and placed a magnet in there.  Magnets I used are 3/16" x 1/16".  I get them from Brookhurst Hobbies in Garden Grove.
Next pic.  I used the Dremel to file off the little nib on his elbow there and placed another magnet.  You wanna make sure the area is flat so there's more surface for the magnet to stick.  Used Krazy Glue.
His right arm had trouble closing to center so I had to file down part of his arm.
ARM 25 above and Rain of Death below. :P
Close up view of the magnets.  I was worried that the arm would be too heavy but the magnet is strong enough to hold the arm and the shoulder plate.  Magnet position is set up perfectly to allow the arm to swivel.
With the shoulder plates glued to the arms, Devastator is still able to open his arms but the magnet connection is not pefect.  The magnet does hold though.
You can see how the magnet on the arm is at an angle.  It sorta works but I want the connection to be better so this left me with a decision.  Leave it as is or try something nutty.  I decided to go all out.

So right now I'm creating a tiny hinge for the shoulder plate where it connects to the arm.  This will allow arm to naturally open.  When it does, the shoulder plate should open up revealing the Rain of Death launchers.  Working on that now and will update this post as I make progress.  Got the first hinge done.  The tricky part will be gluing it on and aligning it.  /cross fingers.

Later in the day...

So made some progress with Devastator.  Got some hinge pics to show ya.
I've been cutting some brass plating I got at a train hobby store.  Brookhurst Hobbies also carries it.  Then I use a really thin wire for the hinge to swivel around. 
So above pic shows how I make them.  I cut two pieces; one piece has two "fingers" on the outside, and then other has a "middle finger" :P on the inside.  I tape down the first one.  Put the wire on and tape that down too.  Then I use a flat sculpting tool and wrap it over nice and tight.
Once you wrap it over, jam the tool like the picture above so it's tight on the other side.  Then you slip the other side in and wrap the two fingers exactly the same way.
And walla!  Hinge!  I applied some Krazy Glue underneath those finger parts to make it more secure.  This is the first hinge I tried.  I was able to glue it to the arm but when I tried attaching it to the shoulder piece, the hinge is too small so I wasn't able to glue the parts to it.  Shoulder is too heavy so it moves the hinge around and thus it isn't able to bond.  So back to the drawing board!
Hinge like you got a pair!!!  O.K. so I decided to make the hinge bigger. That way I can secure it to the parts easier as there's more area for the glue to attach to.
I've glued one of the flat panels onto the inside of Devastator's shoulder pad.  I bent the other side so it'll wrap around his arm a little better.
View from the outside.
And here he is with arm attached.  It's leaving a little gap which meh... looks sorta weird.
Showing the hinge in action. 
I'm not sure if you can tell from the pic but it shows how the hinge attaches to Devastator's arm.  Definitely more secure than the first hinge.
Now when you open his arms, the shoulder pad naturally opens because of the hinge.  Sweet!  Since this pic I've gone back and reglued the shoulder pad to close the gap.  I like it a little better.  The should piece is a little wobbly so I'll think more about it but so far so good.  Now I'm off to Brookhurst for Thursday Night Warmachine.  Hopefully I'll get to try out my new Winterguard Rifle Corp with pButcher.  More hinges and Devastator later tonight!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SoCal SmackDown Batreps

SoCal SmackDown wrapped up yesterday and I was there from Friday to Sunday getting in a lot of games and taking part in the 50pt SteamRoller and the 35 Hardcore.  It was a blast meeting other gamers and hanging out between rounds.  Here is my summary of my games:

50pt SteamRoller Day 1 (sat)

We made two lists but in all of my games I played eSorscha, Winterguard + Joe, Max Kayazy, Great Bears, A&H, Gorman, Saxon, eEiryss, Jugg, Spriggan, min Mechaniks.

Game 1
First game I went against Matt from Arizona (Jason Flanzer and his friends all drove in from AZ).  Was going against Vayl (?) and a bunch of heavies.  Scenario was Sacrifice, radial deployment.  I send most of my army to battle the zone leaving the Assassins to handle the flag and sacrfice themselves.  The Assassins faced off against a Carnivean, Forsaken, and a DeathStalker.  OMG Moment is when Kayazy fail their command check for terror, Forsaken gets to ignore free strikes and then blows up with 4 Fury the ENTIRE unit of Assassins.  kk.  So I learned what the Forsaken can do. 

Over in the zone, Winterguard make a bazillion Tough rolls which makes Matt send in another Heavy.  Sorscha feats, Spriggan bulldozes one of the Heavies out but got within 6" of Vayl who got to move another Heavy in.  Spriggan gets attacked and knocked down but Bears charge in and manage to clear the zone.  Saxon over on the right runs to the flag and makes the ultimate sacrifice taking a magical POW 20 and dies.  1 point for Khador! 

At that point it was a matter of keeping Sorscha alive and flooding the zone with Winterguard.  Just before "dice down" Matt manages to jump a Raek over to Sorscha but fails to hit her twice.  So I won on Scenario with the point I scored.

Game 2
Against Patrick! :P  So Patrick and I have been playing a billion games recently and knew each others lists pretty well.  Before we saw our lists I basically said, "so eSorscha vs Harbringer?"  He said with a smile, "yep."  Scenario was Demolition?  You blow up a flag and then another one appears on the other flank.  Flags you had to get where in the opponents side of the board.

Summary is basically Errants annihilated the Winterguard like never before lol.  I also had the Assassins on the opposite flank and the two big infantry units weren't really able to help each other.  Assassins were taken apart by Patrick's Gorman, some Daughters, and can't remember what else.  Also lost my two 'Jacks really early.  Patrick destroyed his first flag and scored a point and with no way of destroying mine I offered the handshake and conceded.  1-1 at this point and Patrick at 2-0.

Game 3
Played against Matt from Sacramento.  Scenario was Killbox and he brought out Siege with Precursors, Arlan, B13, Squire, Harlan Versh, Journeyman Warcaster, Old Rowdy, Cyclone.  This was pretty cool as I've faced Ben and his Cygnar lists a lot and was familiar with most of those units.  Precursors were a little new. 

I advance into the Killbox with Jacks in the center.  Assassins on the left and Winterguard storming down the right side.  Assassins take a Ground Pounder (from Seige) and I lost quite a few.  Over on the right B13 decide to snipe and try to take out my WG Officer but don't get her at DEF 17.  Ryan Mage Storms killing a few.  Then Harlan Versh steps up and unloads at least 3 shots into my Winterguard!  Thinking at least one Toughed.  Cyclone lays two suppressing fire templates in front of the Assassins who sigh.  Precursors run up. 

I respond by taking out Ryan and Watts.  Versh also gets taken out.  Feeling really good to get Ryan.  Can't remember what I did with the Assassins. 

More Ground Pounder on them and Rowdy charges Spriggan and takes him out.  Precursors advance in two massive Shield Walls in Pyramid formations. 

I feat and Jugg (probably Bears) take out Rowdy.  Winterguard advance and I get massive sprays across the Precursors but with Shield Wall I only manage to take out two.  Got it.  Will be CRA'ing next.

Little hazy with what happened next but I do end up wiping out the Precursor unit.  At one point I'm planning to CRA Siege with Winterguard.  I free up a lane in front of Eiryss.  She steps up and needs 5 to hit (you know where this is going).  She rolls a 4.  Not going to crack Siege's armor this turn.  At this point I've only lost a few Winterguard and they are dominating the right flank forcing Siege to camp focus and shift to the woods on the left.  I still have Bears and Jugg.  But Dice Down is called and tie breaker is scoring units in Kill Box.  Most of my Winterguard are out of the box and a bunch of my solos are out too.  I lose by tie breaker.

In this game I felt my army was winning the attrition war and would have eventually reached Siege.  Gotta say though that Matt was very sporting, very friendly, and even let me get back into the Killbox once lol.  So I'm glad that he got the win.  Precursors were pretty cool as they have Blessed (ignore upkeeps) and have a mini feat for additional die on melee attacks.  Also Spell Ward.  I like 'em.  So with that I'm 1-3 and I think Patrick is 2-1.  Time for the Hardcore tourney!

35pt Hardcore (a few hours later)

So I brought my pButcher "I like to get shot a lot before engaging you" list.  Has most of the first models I collected and was glad to have them in the list.  I ran pButcher, Jugg, Sprigg, Marauder!, Dog, Great Bears, and Kayazy Assassins.

Game 1
Faced off against eKaya with 3-4 Heavies and Skinwalkers (like Forest Man-O-Wars).  Played against Jaqueline who plays at Brookhurst.  All games were caster kill.

She straight up had no answer for the Assassins.  With time clicking away as she fathomed how she would hit DEF 19 in melee she stopped attacking them. 

Assassins got Fury and Ganged most of the Skinwalkers and took the unit out quick.  My Heavies and Bears were making quick work out of her army too. 

Can't remember how she responded but on my next turn I feated with Butcher and the 3 Fury'd Assassins charged Kaya.  They do really good damage and then she transfers the damage to her pet Wolf that blows up.  Oh yea~~ that's what Warlocks can do.  First ever game of Hardcore and the rounds are intense!!  So many things to do and you don't have time to do everything.  Only Spriggan activated from my Jacks and attacked one of the Wolves.  Got a little greedy trying to catch everything in Butcher's Feat. 

Next turn one of the wolves advances down through the woods to my right and Dog counter charges it for no damage.  Wolf Heavy then throws Spriggan into Butcher.  Both are knocked down and Butcher takes a lot of damage.  The other Heavy tramples through my Assassins and then slaps Butcher for the win. 

In this game, similar to the game against Siege, I felt my army was winning on the field.  There was no answer for the Assassins and I still had two Heavies and the Great Bears.  But as always, I leave Butcher exposed and he pays the price.  I'll take this lesson with me though in the next games.

Game 2
So if you've watched SteamPoweredTV on Youtube you've probably seen Steve play against his good friend Tom.  He was my opponent for game 2.  Tom brought Harbringer along with a Reckoner, Avatar, and a Guardian (?)  He also brought That Guy that can't be hurt by non magical attacks-- oh crap.  Can't remember what his infantry was.

Game had him commit his Avatar against the Spriggan.  Avatar failed to kill it so he had to commit That Guy who finished him.  Now usually when I see the Avatar charge (Patrick's) it's decisive and I have no easy way to retaliate (unless Patrick misjudges the charge range :P).  Tom gets Gaze on the Avatar and Assassins who were off to the side manage to run over and block his back escape routes.  I then was able to charge my Heavies in and finish him off. 

Harby uses Cataclysm at close range to take out a handful of Assassins but with the ones that are left I have a plan.  Butcher charges a Great Bear and kills him but now is close enough to the Assassins to put Fury on them.  With Parry (oh I love Parry!) they walk over to Harby who is sitting on 1 or 2 focus.  Assassins are swinging at P+S 15 with Fury and Gang.  All three hit and are able to get the win.  At this point I am LOVING Fury+Gang; my new favorite combo. 

Game 3
This game was against a fellow Khadoran player Dave, from Brookhurst.  He brought Karchev with Jugg, Spriggan, Berserker, Great Bears, along with eEiryss, Kell, and the Dog.  Steve is probably shaking his head.  Yep, it was over from the beginning.  Oh!  But funny part was when he trampled the Berserker into the center of my Assassins.  Can you guess what happened next?  He attacked twice (of course misses) and then proceeded to blow up and take almost all the Assassins with him.  Rest of the game was Karchev towing everything maneuvering for the alpha strike.  Eiryss blows off Butcher's Focus and Karchev Feats sending the Spriggan to finish Butcher off. 

Game 4
Joe from Arizona and a little delirious from lack of sleep played Reznik on this one.  Brought Errants, Dervish, Avatar, Reckoner, Guardian.  Joe goes first and sends his Errants into some woods while his 'Jacks take center. 

I run up the Assassins as usual in front of my Jacks who are in a wall.  Great Bears nearby. 

Errants charge the Assassins and aren't able to hit anything.  I counter by Killstroking most of them through to his back rank, Underboss and the Bears trailing and hitting the first wave Errants.  Gang+Fury again making quick work out of everything. 

I have to survive Resnik's feat turn for one round; Butcher without Focus and next round can't cast any spells.  Dervish charges into Juggernaut who is on the left of the 'Jack wall and side steps into Butcher!  He does 10 damage on the first attack and then thinks about the next one-- he's at dice-3 on 3 dice for damage and Butcher has 10 boxes left.  He goes for it and rolls a 7 for damage.  Butcher lives!  Assassins do what they do and advance into Reznik.  Two Bears charge him, one surviving a free strike from the Reckoner with Tough (was bad play on my part) and they bring Reznik down.


So I ended up going 2-2 in Hard Core and having a ton of fun in the tourney despite the very short time limit.  It's very exciting as you have to think quick and prioritize.  The good players can do everything that they want to do but for me and a few others, I know we had to choose which attacks were worth doing.  By the 3rd and 4th game though I was getting into a flow with activations in the early turns and trying to get the Fury+Gang combo off. 

There were a ton of medals handed out in Hardcore for different things and I was able to bring home the one for best painted army which was very nice y^^y  Flanzer got the one for fastest caster kill and Dave from Brookhurst got the one for most army points destroyed.  Go Khador!


50pt Steamroller Day 2 (Sun)

Game 4
Starting at 10 a.m. the Steamroller Tourney resumed play and I faced off against another player from Arizona, Josh.  He took a look at both my lists and saw high DEF, low ARM infantry and brought pKrueger (maybe epic) with two Scarloc-type Heavies.  One of them was Megalith.  I was about to enter the school of Chain Lightning.  Scenario was three flags, one disappears.  I'm not sure what disappeared first, the flag or my infantry.   I have Assassins facing off against a unit of infantry (Wolves of Orboros?), Winterguard on the right against his Heavies and some artifact-looking things that shoot lasers. 

So :D Winterguard run up and then get Chain Lightning to the face.  Most of my WG get blown up BUT, the one model that was the initial target for the Chain Lightning attacks made 4 Tough rolls in a row!  Josh having some fun decided to send his Totem Hunter over just to make sure to kill that guy, and he did.  Now I'm motivated to paint up that WG dude and make it so he looks like he's all charred and fried from the lightning.   

Over on the left, Krueger feats and pops down 3, 3 inch AOEs of... wait for it... Lightning.  I lose maybe half my Assassins as they just wear t-shirts for armor.  I split up my Jacks (very good idea!)  Sprigg goes left around a Forest.  Jugg goes right (it's not a good idea).  Jugg takes a charge and dies. 

Sprigg does fire some grenades and with boosted attacks kills two of the Wolves of Oboros.  And...then more Chain Lightning.  An Assassin gets hit with a boosted shot and then it arcs to 6 other targets in a perfect ring back to him taking out Underboss and Eiryss along the way. 

So basically I've lost my entire infantry units lol.  Josh was a great player and very friendly so the game was quite enjoyable despite being annihilated.  He preyed Joe with the Totem Hunter who took out A&H but Joe and the Standard with boosted attacks killed him.  Oh and Gorman Acid Bombed him lol.  I advanced Sorcha up and then Cycloned to a Heavy Beast; didn't kill him.  I was basically going all out because that's all I could do.  Sorscha soon fell afterwards. 

Then me and Josh chatted for quite a bit afterward about the awesomeness of the Drakhun and how I might make a second list for SteamRoller to compliment my first.  More on that later. 

Game 5
Last one!  So I might have been at the bottom table for this one :P  I faced off against Jacqueline who I lost to in HardCore.  She basically brings the same list but this time has Druids, shifting stones, and some other stuff.  Scenarios had two 6" x 8" zones vertically in the center.  Score in the farthest one for a point. 

She goes first and advances everything up.  I do likewise and like before Killstroke the Assassins past her Heavies on the front line and hit the Druids in the back.  They take out a few but without Fury, Assassins aren't doing nearly as well as with Butcher (still good though).  The game had them battling the Druids who kept using spells against them that pushed them out of melee but the hit usually killed them.  Assassins spent most of the game in the back ranks of Circle while the rest of my army was facing the front rank.  That was pretty neat.   At one point the Assassins charge the Skinwalkers IN THE BACK earning the legendary Back Stab which gives them an additional die for melee damage.  Too bad they failed their CMD check for terror ><;  Druids continue to hammer at them with that spell and they all got taken out except one.  Earlier I had the Underboss and another Assassin charge the Shifting Stones lol who were the only things guarding my scoring zone but a Gnarlhorn took care of them, Underboss failing to make his third Tough roll :P

In the Front, Winterguard and the Bears battled the Skinwalkers who were suprisingly resilient.  After getting charged by the Skinwalkers and surviving, the WG stepped out of melee with DEF 17 and 4/5 survived the free strikes.  The rest moved up to CRA the Skinwalkers and took ONE out but heavily damaging the rest.  Bears took care of another one. 

Heavies mainly battled in my defending zone, Spriggan getting thrown again, this time into Juggernaut.  Jugg lived but Spriggan was destroyed. 

Game was getting long so I ran Eiryss into my scoring zone.  When Dice Down was called it went to tie breaker because none of us scored a control point.  Eiryss was the only one scoring for me with 3pts.  Circle had no one in their scoring zone who could earn points.  There were two Skinwalkers in the zone but the third was tied up in melee with a Bear outside.  If Jacqueline had gotten that Skinwalker in the zone she would have had more than half the unit in and would have won.  So I got the win on the rematch which was cool. :D


So ends the major gaming for the weekend, phew.  Had a really great time.  I ended up going 2-4 for the SteamRoller and 2-2 for the Hardcore.  Definitely learned a lot in all my games. 

I saw how powerful Assassins with Fury+Gang can be under pButcher.  It's just ridiculous as they can parry out of melee and have free reign about who they want to engage.  They're so much fun once they get into melee.  Definitely shows me that they can have the same power with pIrusk and Battle Lust.  Oh man that's gotta be sweet.  You miss pButcher's feat turn and that added die but Battle Lusted Assassins-- yep I'll take a few of those. 

I also saw what Chain Lighting can do to my high DEF infantry army.  Talked with Josh and Jason about that and they suggested bring more armor for my second list.  Something like pButcher and 'Jacks, which got me talking about pButcher tactics and what range support to give him.  Lots of people, including Dave from Brookhurst recommended Rifle Corp because they have a 20" threat range and with Joe and pButcher's feat will get boosted attack and damage rolls.  really really nice.

I learned that not only Chain Lighting but Ashes to Ashes (from a casual game), Berserkers, and the Forsaken can really make Assassins cry.  Will be watching for that in the future.