Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Warmachine Batrep: Old Witch vs pMadrak

Another loss with the Old Witch :(  I have somewhere close to ten games with her and haven't won a game yet.  She is pretty tough to learn and use effectively but I will continue to press on.  She is really fun to play though as she has a lot of tricky things she can do and is very different than the usual Khador caster. 

Played a 50pt game against Doug tonight and had a really fun game despite the loss.  I had:

Old Witch
Full Winterguard +UA+3 Rocketeers
Full Kayazy Assassins + UA
Aiyanna & Holt

I can't remember the unit names that he had but here's their description

Axe heavy
guy carrying big stone with three other guys
Ogrun Bokur type Troll
cheap tarpit unit with CMA and the pillar guy
heavy infantry unit with 8 boxes
cannon with 2 grunts
solo with scrolls
and a few more that I can't remember :P 

There were a lot of trolls.  Just going to give a brief summary of the game and what I learned/did wrong.

Doug advanced his army up on his first turn and on my turn I might have feated.  Can't remember but when I did feat I caught the Mauler and most of his front line units on the right.  His army was stopped dead cold as the Mauler couldn't charge and the rest didn't want to take POW 14s.  During the feat my Assassins ran up but I didn't have any other units move up to get ready to charge on the next turn.  This was a little mistake.  Sure I stopped his army from hitting mine but I wasn't in a good position to hit him back.  Only the Assassins were in charge range of some of his units.  If I had to do it again I would have ran the WG up and position them so they could do CRAs or sprays next turn.  I'd run the Assassins up more so most of them could get the charge up and I would trample the Behemoth and run both the Dev and Scrappy to get them into position along with the Bears who for most of the game were in the back.

I've just learned recently (from reading the card lol) that the Old Witch's feat not only gives POW 14s if you advance and end your activation in her control area but if you are caught in it, you can't run, charge, or make special actions.  So basically since your opponent can't charge you, if they don't have range, you can just run up and get into threat range to charge them on your next turn-- first striking.  But in this game only the Assassins were in position.  So I'll try to remember that next time.

After feat turn I ran the assassins into melee with some cheap tarpitting trolls to engage them and hopefully Killstroke next turn.  They were at DEF 19 in melee with Iron Flesh but those trolls got a lot of +2 MAT buffs and CMAs gave them MAT 11 or was it 13?  It was crazy and after charging them in, all my assassins were wiped out except the underboss.

Madrak moved up and the heavy infantry Trolls ran up and created a wall in front of him.  There was a opening to Madrak though and Behemoth shot some Bombards.  The first one was negated by the Bouncer (like the Ogrun Bokur) and the second shot was negated by one of Madrak's abilities which allows him to not take damage once per game.  So sad for the Behemoth.  Underboss charged Madrak for no damage.

After this his heavy infantry Trolls charged Behemoth and tied hm up for the remainder of the game with their high armor and tough rolls.  Next to the Behemoth, the Devastator was taking charges from the cheap tarpitting Trolls.

Devastator would get to use Rain of Death twice before eventually falling to some heavy hitting from that unit and that guy with the pillar. 

Srapjack got to charge and clean up some of the Trolls with Avatar of Slaughter but it was very difficult to do with the Trolls making Tough rolls. 

Winterguard tried to CMA those heavy infantry Trolls and after that did a ton of boosted sprays into the Troll carrying the stone and his unit.  Eventually they were able to take the stone out. 

So Doug continued to advance Madrak and his posse of heavy beasts, one getting a thresher on 3 of my WG. 

Eventually my front line would fall so I tried to do an assassination.  Aiyanna goes first and Harms Madrak.  Cool.  A Bear takes two free strikes to try and reach the Troll blocking a vital charge lane to Madrak.  He Toughs the first free strike but fails the second one and dies.  Not cool.  Joe activates with boosted attacks and gets that troll down to one life.  Then it takes almost the entire WG to blunderbuss that troll leaving one to do a blunderbuss on Madrak.  The Bouncer may have taken the hit for that one. 

So Scrapjack on 4 focus charges Madrak and does a ton of damage on his first attack but Madrak spends his last focus to transfer damage.  Scrapjack then has a tough time damaging so that leaves Witch left.  She teleports into melee with Madrak and does some damage.  With one focus left on her last attack she needed 10s to hit and 10s to kill.  She misses her bought attack and I concede :P 

It was a really fun game and a long grueling one too.  Some things to remember for next time:

  • On Feat Turn, try to catch as many of the opposing army as possible to prevent charges.  Then aggressively position my units to be able to first strike on my next turn.  Only thing that can really hurt me is range so watch out of that.
  • Play Bears more aggressively up front especially against SPD 5 Trolls.  
  • Don't allow Behemoth to get charged.
  • Devastator: ARM 25 is awesome but I wish I could attack more with him.  Perhaps I just gotta bulldoze stuff away and if it was scenario just have him contest a zone or flag.  Maybe bring back Spriggan for some P+S 18 goodness (and Bulldoze too). 
  • Assassins-- I feel like they don't do enough damage with Old Witch.  Sorta makes me wonder if I should bring in Doom Reavers or even Iron Fangs.  But then again, with Gang and Harm from Aiyanna, Assassins would be at P+S 14 which isn't too shabby.  
  • eEiryss would have been helpful to take away some of the ARM buffs on the trolls.
  • if it comes down to assassination, consider putting Avatar on Old Witch the turn before I need her to assassinate.  Then I can run Srappy up, teleport and have Witch in melee with Avatar upkept.  
  • Maybe try advancing my 'Jacks with Murder of Crows in front of them to prevent LOS and charges to them.   

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