Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Wife Played Her First Warmachine Game

I mentioned to my wife that our club was starting a Journeyman League and asked her if she was interested in trying out a small game.  She said yes to my surprise and so we played a little Khador vs Khador.

I asked her if she wanted someone tough or fast and tricky.  She said tough so she got pButcher along with a Spriggan and a Juggernaut. 

I got pSorscha, a Kodiak and a Marauder.

We played caster kill on a small kitchen table (with battle mat of course).  I went first to show her how movement works and focus allocation.  I moved my 'Jacks and then she activated hers choosing to run Spriggan and walk the Juggernaut.  I hadn't told her about charging so we walked into combat, our 'Jacks colliding and her Spriggan fighting the Kodiak while the Juggernaut faced off against the Marauder. 

She learned quickly about MAT vs DEF, and P+S vs ARM and we just did some attacks for that round. 

Next round her Juggernaut was still walking up so I taught her about charging.  She got it and charged the Jugg into my Marauder liking the fact that she gets an extra die for damage.  She rolled pretty badly on her rolls though doing like 2 damage on average to the Marauder. 

Butcher charged in and then she learned about buying attacks with focus.  He hurt the Marauder more :( 

I counter attacked with my 'Jacks and left Sorscha on all her focus. 

Next turn after knowing how to buy attacks, I showed her how she can allocate to 'Jacks to buy attacks for them.  She wanted to share the focus evenly so she gave two to the Spriggan, two to the Juggernaut and Butcher had two lol.  Jugg was wrecked. 

Next turn I reposition Sorscha in Butcher's charge range :P and Kodiak continues to go to work at the Spriggan crippling his shield arm. 

She sends Butcher charging Sorscha who is camping focus and gets her down to two life.  I attack back with all my focus and do some damage to Butcher.  Next turn Butcher swings with boosted Weapon Master lol and kills her. 

She said she enjoyed the game and can see why guys like it; a lot of analyzing and strategy.  She said that she could see herself handling 15 point games and will try again later. 

Before going to sleep she wanted to see if she remembered all the stats from memory and I was amazed that she knew all the SPD, MAT, DEF, ARM, P+S of all her models and mine too.  It took me months to know those stats. 

And lastly she asked me how do 'Jacks throw things because she was home when I beat Ben in that legendary game where my Kodiak threw the Wardog to knockdown Siege and Butcher walked up needing double sixes to kill him and got the roll for an Obliteration win!


  1. Nice, hehe. Let me know if she sticks with it. Linh has been interested in Legion for a long time. We've played a few games but she's never comfortable going to the club of BH. Should be able to convince a few other SOs as well.

  2. I don't think she'll get into it in the long run but she'll try it out to see what it's all about. She said she'll go to 15 points which is cool. But if I start doing crazy combos on her she might get a little mad :P