Sunday, September 11, 2011

Club Tourney

Had a blast today at our club tourney-- 35pt Steamroller, 2 lists.  We had about 11 for the tourney, somewhere around that number and got to make some new gaming buddies today which was really cool.  I had a pButcher list but ended up playing eSorscha the whole day as I had a little more experience with that list recently.  Here's the list:

Great Bears
Max Kayazy + Underboss
Max Wingerguard + UA + Joe
Aiyanna and Holt

eSorscha I find is just a good all around caster.  This army has the Winterguard sprays to take care of infantry and anti armor duties fall to the Great Bears, Spriggan, and also use of Sorscha's feat which doubles damage over armor.  A&H and Gorman are there to help the units do even more damage on feat turn.  Sorscha also helps the Winterguard a lot by giving them +2 movement and rerolls on failed CRAs which is awesome (forgot about that one in games).  Here's some batreps.

Game 1
Faced off against Max who brought out eNemo with Thunderhead, Stormclad, Ironclad, two Stormsmiths, Arlan, Squire, and a min unit of Stormblades.  Scenario was Destruction.

Max was unlucky in deployment because he got some deep water near his deployment zone which is bad because if infantry step in it they take a wound and 'Jacks will go inert.  So he had to split his force a little with the Ironclad off to one flank; also because he didn't want it taking damage from the Thunderhead's Pulse.

My infantry advanced and I had Winterguard on the right against the Ironclad, a Stormsmith and Arlan.  Kayazy was opposite the Thunderhead with the Blades protecting his front.

Key moment of the match was when I was able to get a Winterguard out of melee with the Ironclad with DEF 17 and do a boosted spray down the entire line of Stormblades, wiping out the unit.  Max forgot to add +2 to the free strike hit which would have hit the Winterguard; I didn't catch that either.  After that the Thunderhead Pulsed a group of my Winteguard and then Sorscha feated and Juggernaut (forgot to put Spriggan in), the Bears, and Winteguard CRAs wrecked Max's heavies.  With the main army taken out Max conceded after that. 

It was the first time that I got to play Max and he is a lot of fun to play against; great opponent.  Hope to get more games with him in the future.

I've faced the Thunderhead Ball before with Thunderhead and Stormblades in front of him (Ben's Cygnar) but this was the first time I was able to use the Winterguard.  My strategy with the Winterguard was to "try" and stay out of Pulse range and hopefully do a lot of two man CRAs at POW 14 and dice-4.  Hopefully that would chip away at heavy 'Jack armor. 

Strat for the Assassins was basically stay the heck away from the Thunderhead.  Pulse will auto kill Assassins and running to engage the Ball was not an option because I would get Pulsed.  Charging would get me some kills but I would still get Pulsed.  Actually, I don't know what I was going to do with the Assassins but I tried to keep them out of charge range of the Blades and let the Winterguard slowly pick away at the army. 

This was against Glorious, another Cygnar player and he brought out Kraye with Cyclone, Defender, Stormclad (?), Gun Mages + UA, Arlan, Squire, and at least one Stormsmith.  This scenario had two flags in the center.  Someone had to score on flag #1 before flag #2 could be scored against.

Glorious had ATGM behind a wall on the left next to the Defender and Stormclad.  Cyclone off to the right with the Stormsmith.

I advanced the Winterguard with Desperate Pace and Iron Flesh to go after the first flag on the left and hopefully reach the ATGMs.  With their high DEF they were able to survive their gunfire from eventually reach them with boosted sprays and blunderbuss shots taking out more than half the unit. 

In the middle, Glorious' Defender had its way with my Spriggan with it's sick range and POW 15  gun.  But Glorious had a dilemma as the ATGMs couldn't really take the flag so the burden fell to the 'Jacks.  The Defender eventually walked up to contest it and my Spriggan was able to charge it and wreck it.

Over on the right his Cyclone faced off against the Assassins and laid down some suppressive fire templates to block the Assassins.

Eventually, Glorious pulled both his 'Jacks to the left to fight the Spriggan; the Stormclad bringing it down.  But then Sorscha feated and got the two remaining Cygnar Heavies in her control.  The Assassins swarmed the Cyclone and a Bear charged the Stormclad and also the Cyclone.  Both were wrecked.  With his 'Heavies gone, ATGMs below half strength and no way for Kraye to reach Sorscha, Glorious resigned.

One thing I thought that Glorious could have done was maybe hold the Defender back and have it just pound away at the Spriggan.  It would take me a while to get to him and in my experience, anything the Defender focuses on will go down, especially Khador Heavies.  And then the Stormclad could contest the flag.

Glorious was another great guy to play against.  First time we played against each other.

With round 2 over I was 2-0 and would go against another 2-0 player, Steven.  Getting a little sleepy so I'll continue that and the next game tomorrow :D 

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