Monday, September 26, 2011

Journeyman League Preseason: pSorscha vs pStriker

The Journeyman League for our club starts next week but Ben and I wanted to try out some battlebox games in the mean time.  It was pSorscha, Juggernaut, and a Destroyer, vs pStriker, Iron Clad, Lancer, and a Charger. 

First game I went first and ran my 'Jacks up with Sorscha under cover of Wind Rush and Fog of War getting her Defense up to 20.  As our forces closed, I charged the Destroyer into his Lancer and Wind Rushed Sorscha to the outside on my right.  My thinking was that the Destroyer would tie up the 'Jacks and maybe Sorscha would get an angle to assassinate.  After Ben's next turn, I feated and later realized that Sorscha can't charge through frozen models (duh).  I ended up losing the Destroyer in melee and what followed was Ben's tactic of constantly disrupting the Juggernaut.  It's a very good tactic.  Not sure if he also knocked down the Jugg.  Didn't quite see a way to come back so I charged Sorscha into Striker a few turns later but the odds were against her and she couldn't bring him down.  Ben ended up knocking her down with Earthquake and then the Lancer and Iron Clad walked over to finish her off.

Mistake was not understanding Stationary lol.  On feat turn, I could have charged my 'Jacks into his and because of stationary they would have basically auto hit (or does it auto hit?  Good thing we're playing battlebox games.  I should know that).  Also messed up when I shot a bombard at the Lancer but could have just used the axe instead and boosted the damage roll. 

For the second game my goal was not to lose the Destroyer so easily and just try to stay back and soften up the  Cygnar 'Jacks a little.  My formation was a triangle with Sorscha in the back and all of my models were about 4 inches from each other-- so a little spread out.  What followed was more knockdown and disruption mainly focused on the Destroyer.  Ben walked up the Lancer and arced Earthquake through him and then walked Striker with snipe to disrupt.  Ugly stuff.  Sorscha died when I exposed her to a shot from the Charger and it was aiming against Sorscha's DEF 18 (no FOW).  So it hit and then rolled triple 6 haha.  Another shot and that was it.

Some pretty bad games on my part and GG to Ben although the last game didn't really feel like it was a good one because it was over so fast :P  but of course, always fun to play him and talk strategy afterwards. 

But wow, feel really lost about what to do against the Cygnar Battlebox.  I like the challenge though and it's time for me to hit the drawing board and think about this particular matchup. 

So let's start with things to remember:
  • If I'm going to expose Sorscha to a shot, make sure it's under Wind Rush and Fog of War for DEF 20.
  • If I Wind Rush, do it away from the Charger to force it to move and give up it's aiming bonus
  • Stationary does not let me charge over bases ><;
  • Ben creates a wall of 'Jacks in front of Striker so how about this on feat turn: Destroyer gets 1 focus to boost damage on a POW 14 shot.  Jugg gets Boundless Charge probably.  That's 3 focus.  And then an extra one for another P+S 19 attack.  And Sorscha can Wind Rush the heck out of there.  Just gottta make sure that she catches all the targets in her control area.  hmmm~ Destoryer will probably be distrupted so Jugg doesn't get that extra focus.
  • Also against the wall of 'Jacks, might consider just knocking them all down with Tempest.  Sorscha can still Wind Rush away and the Destroyer will get a POW 14 bombard if that should hit.  
  • Also, Sorscha HAS A GUN!  Couple turns she was in range to shoot it but I just forgot about it.  POW 12 could do a little damage to those light jacks.   
more thoughts later :P


  1. Focus on the charger with Sorscha's gun, razor wind, and the Destroyer. Then avoid walking Sorscha or the heavies into melee range (you should get first strike with Boundless charge), and you'll find that he'll have very few options for damaging you. Stryker will need EQ to hit a wind-rushed Sorscha, but then he's only got a POW 11 (Arcane bolt, not enough focus left to boost dmg an Arcane blast), a POW 10 pistol attack, and 1 focus leftover for boosting. You can position the Destroyer at the rear of your formation such that a RNG10 disruptor pistol shot on him will = Juggernaut or Sorscha to the face. Once the Charger's cortex or left arm are out of the picture, this becomes your fight.

  2. thanks for the advice Moz, really appreciate it! I'm sure I'll be playing my Cygnar friend soon and will try holding the Destroyer back. He and I were discussing strat and thought while Sorscha and the Destroyer do their thing, the Juggernaut can block LOS from the Charger to Sorscha forcing it to give up its aiming bonus. Will write more batreps as I do more battlebox games and start the Journeyman League.