Thursday, September 15, 2011

Journeyman League

A lot of people in my gaming club recently got interested in starting the Journeyman League for Warmcahine.  For those of you who haven't heard of this, it's an official league that you can run that Privateer Press has created rules for.

The basic idea is that you start with a Faction Battlebox and slowly grow your army all the way to 35pts.  You earn points every week for games you play, minis you paint, and a third score for both your game points and painting points added up. 

Week 1 you play with the Battlebox.
Week 2 is 15 points with Battlebox
Week 3 is 25 points with Battlebox
Week 4 is 25 points with Battlebox plus Caster swap allowed
Week 5 is 35 points with Battlebox, either original Caster or Caster swapped one.
Week 6 is 35 points, anything goes!

At first I wasn't too excited as I wasn't sure how fun it would be to run a Juggernaut and a Destroyer for 5 weeks but after looking at pSorscha I realized there's a lot I could learn by playing her, especially her assassination playstyle.  I've never played her before ever so I'm really looking forward to it now.  Also, although the Khador 'Jacks are pretty basic, I'm going in with an open mind trying to see if there are new things I can learn.  If anything, this "slow grow" league will give me a chance to relearn the basics and get a solid foundation on the game's mechanics.  When I first started, I progressed pretty rapidly to 25 points and then to 25 points but I never really got a solid grasp of power attacks and to this day I still have to look up how to do one.  I know that's a very important part of gameplay and I'd like to get better at that aspect of my game. 

I'll document the League as it progresses and share what I learn along the way.  Here's my tentative plan so far for my lists.

Week 1- Battlebox
During the first week we'll all be playing A TON of Battlebox games and they should go really quick.  So I'll try to experiment a lot and see how to get a basic assassination off.  Besides that I'll just run through her spells and make sure I use them in my games.  Also want to focus on power attacks like slams; don't do those enough.

Week 2- 15pts
eEiryss and the Dog! just kidding.  Widowmakers seem like the no brainer upgrade at this level as they add a manageable unit to the game with some tricky things like sniper.  Some cool synergy with Sorscha as Fog of War lets the Widowmakers get to DEF 18 in the open.  Not sure how many targets they will have but if they have to hit heavies, I can experiment with trying to snipe out a column.

Week 3- 25 points
Assault Kommandos! Now that's no joke.  I'm being totally serious lol.  I love this unit despite their lackluster performance.  The Journeyman League gives me the opportunity to try them out.  Sorscha can help them hit targets with her feat or by knocking down things with Tempest.  She can also freezing grip them.  Likewise, the AKs can help her hit with spells by potentially lowering the targets DEF with gas grenades.  Not sure how much they help with the Assassination but I'm looking forward to painting these guys and seeing how the trench on their bases will turn out.

Week 4- 25 points, possible caster swap
I'll play it by ear but I'm hoping to take pSorscha all the way to the end and not swap her out.  There's no way that I can learn all her tricks in 4 weeks so at that time, I'm sure I'll still be digging for tactics and strategy.  Can I try other units in my games and keep swapping them?  I recently got a female manhunter so maybe I'll try her.  Another Camo model to benefit from Fog of War and a pretty decent threat range.

Weeks 5-6
I haven't thought this far ahead and I'm sure when I get there I'll have a better idea of what I want to try after playing pSorscha for a month.  pEiryss seems fun to try to help with the Assassination and she has some tricky shots that she can do.  Need the model though.  

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