Thursday, May 26, 2011

35 pts - pButcher vs Minions Gators

First time I played @35 points and used Mechaniks.  First time for Phillip with his Gators. 

Here's my list:

Great Bears
Kayazy Assassins (max)
Kayazy Underboss UA
Battle Mechaniks (Leader + 5)

Phillip will have to fill you in on his list but the major things I can remember are:

3 Warbeasts; 1 of them was a turtle that shoots
Gatormen that HIT HARD
ambushing smaller gators that came in on a side edge after turn 1.
Totem Hunter!
Frog guy
Warlock Gator with nasty feat

Lots of terrain on the board with a narrow alley through the middle and alleys on either flank.  I won the roll and elect to go second.  Phillip has his heavies in the middle with his warlock, his big gators on the left and frog guy with the Totem hunter on my right flank. 

I load up on the left flank.  Kayazy take center of the board.  Jacks left of them with Mechaniks behind them and Butcher and the Dog behind them.  Left of that on the FRONT LINE are the Great Bears (waoh ohoes...)  My thought was to focus on one flank and stay away from the Totem Hunter as he looked scary. 

Phillip starts by setting up shallow water spots and moves his guys forward.  The Totem Hunter races down my right flank and chooses the Kayazy as his prey. 

I send the Kayazy forward to the center and spread them out to do some tarpitting.  I wanted to move the Jacks together but there was a tower right in front of my army so I ran my Jacks right up behind that; figured i would decide later if they should split up.  Bears move up on the left flank in OPEN GROUND :D.  Sorry Khador bros...  Butcher and the Dog bring up the rear.  Iron Flesh goes on the Kayazy.

Phillip throws down a REALLY BIG shallow water template right in front of my Kayazy.  That's going to be a problem.  Next part is a little hazy but he casts a spell trying to hit my Underboss but it deviates and kills a Kayazy.  Totem Hunter is moving closer on the right within striking distance.  His Big Gators on the left charge the Great Bears and kill them all!  ><  I did the same thing in my last game with Jim.  For some reason I think they are super tough and can take anything but I've learned that if they get charged by some heavy hitters they can be wiped out.  I failed all the tough rolls. 

I charge the Kayazy as best I could through the water in the center but only a few managed to get into melee combat.  The assassins did some damage but nothing serious. 

With the Gators who just ate my Bears on the left flank and knowing that Phillip has his ambushers,  I send the Juggernaut and the Marauder left to take care of that.  Kodiak runs up the middle.  Butcher and Dog bringing up the back.  Kayazy still have Iron Flesh. 

Philiip has a look of Christmas on his face and his Warlock pops his feat.  My dog watches as my ENTIRE army gets knocked down.  There goes 19 DEF for the assassins.  The Gatars hit my lines.  His warlock takes out a few Kayazy to free up his Warbeast which charges my Kodiak. It cripples an arm, busts his movement and seriously damages the rest of him.  Still standing though! <3 Khador!!!  The Totem Hunter runs, jumps, dashes, doing his thing on the right flank and takes out two Kayazy before moving back to the right to safety.  I lose the Underboss , more Kayazy and the entire unit is wiped out! 

On the left flank, the Juggernaut and Marauder are knocked down and those Gators with Bears in their mouths run up. 

Amazing feat turn by Phillip and now I have to find a way to hit back.  Getting hazier lol but my one goal on my turn was to repair the Kodiak, get off his combo attack and throw that Heavy Warbeast into his caster who was not that far behind. 

My guys go to work.  The mechaniks advance to the Kodiak.  Of the three that make it there, 2 make repairs for 1 point each.  Could have been so much better but at least I got his arm back on and his movement.  Kodiak operational!!!!!  I must have had Full Throttle on so the Kodiak had an extra attack roll.  He hits the Gator with his first two attacks.  Sweet!  Time for the Special Chain Attack Two Handed Throw!  I get an extra dice for the attack.  Roll.  Bamn!!!! 

Triple 1's. 

Phillip's eyes go wide as the Kodiak attempts to throw the Warbeast but misses.  So slippery them Gators. 

On the left I debate for a while what to do with my Jacks and both Phillip and Jim say to get them in melee.  They aren't able to charge but I advance them as far as I can and get both the Marauder and Juggernaut engaged.  At this point I can't remember if Phillip brought in his ambushers but if it wasn't this round it for sure was the next round. 

My other three Mechaniks run towards the Marauder and Juggernaut and Butcher and Dog are still in the back. 

Phillip runs most of his gators up through the middle.  My Dog takes some hits (might of been from the Totem Hunter) and makes his tough roll.  Love the dog.  The ambushers engage the Mechaniks and wipe out the three on the left, meanwhile the Heavy Gators hit my Jacks along with the ambushers doing CMAs on Butcher.  The Marauder and Juggernaut take some hits but damage is minimal.  A heavy warbeast and the turtle beast run around the tower towards the left.  The one that got the Kodiak runs over my Kodiak's wreckage and advances through the center. 

On my turn the Juggernaut and Marauder double team and take care of the entire Gator force on the left.  Butcher gets into the thick of it as well with his doggy nearby.  I run the Mechaniks who repaired the Kodiak down to tarpit against Phillip's gators streaming through the center and enveloping my right flank.

Phillip withdrew his Totem Hunter towards my table edge so the force that I have left head in that direction hoping to corner hiim.  The last stand looks like this: Totem Hunter is near my edge.  Butcher is advancing towards him.  His dog is in the front of him with the Marauder on the left and the Juggernaut on the right.  Behind the Jugg is one last Mechanik.  So I'm thinking I got the Totem Hunter cornered. 

Phillip closes in all around me.  He kills the Mechanik which opens up a lane to the dog.  He attacks the dog and unfortunately this time he fails his tough roll.  The Totem hunter dashes left of the Marauder and then JUMPS over the Buchter to engage him.  He does some damage but the Butcher survives (or he might have missed.  Alll I know is the Butcher had about half health at this point).  One of Phillip's Beasts goes Beserk and kills Frog Guy. Nice! 

Butcher puts axe to face and kills the totem hunter.  Juggernaut takes care of a medium gator beast.  Up top there's two warbeasts rounding the tower and heading for my positon.  The juggernaut is stuck facing the wrong way and can't move because he was in melee so I had to move the Marauder to block either the Heavy Warbeast that would hit hard in melee or the shooting turtle, both coming off slightly different angle from the top.  I chose to block the heavy melee beast.  My thought was if I can hold for one round and turn my force to meet Phillip's, I might have a chance; if I can get my Jcaks out in front on the charge. 

But on Phillips turn my Marauder and Juggernaut can only watch as Phillip's heavy turtle takes a shot at Butcher from the shadows of the tower and brings the warcaster down. 

GG :)

--Wow that was a long batrep.  I seriously don't expect anyone to read all that but here's what I learned and observed:

1. The Great Bears.  DO. NOT. PUT. THEM. OUT. IN. FRONT.  This is the big lesson I learned in my past two games.  They hit HARD but if they get charged they stand a chance to get wiped out.  As soon as I lost them, I realized that the best place for them was probably right behind the Kayazy to be a second wave.  Plus they wouldn't have gotten knocked down on Phiillip's feat turn.

2. Khador Jacks are TOUGH~~~~.  I like the fact that my Juggernaut and Marauder were stilll standing when the battle was over.  I sorta wish they were with the Kodiak to help the center though.  Probably will try to keep them together as three ARM 20 Jacks running at you must be pretty nuts. 

3.  Love the Kayazy.  Crazy Def.  Lots of melee tricks.  Assassination attempts.   

4.  First time the Dog showed me wassup and for 1 point, I don't know why I wouldn't take him. 

Can't really think of anything else but I'm really liking my list so far and the units in it.  Having three Jacks is fun to see and play and I even like having the Mechaniks with repair drama.  They gave the Kodiak that Chain Attack attempt even though I missed and I imagine with better repair rolls they can keep the Jacks running a little while longer. 

Now I just have to learn to wield the power that is the Great Bears. 

Thanks again Phillip for a great game!  We'll have to do it again some time.  ^^

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