Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kayazy Assassin Conversion

Worked on another conversion of a Kayazy Assassin.  This guy will most likely be my leader as he was the first one I finished and I also dig the basing.  Hood, mask, cloak, waist pouch, and backpack gas container are all custom sculpting work.  Tube for the mask is a guitar string.

The base was done with cork.  The bricks were sculpted with procreate putty (took a long time...).  The fence was super-glued together using Privateer Press's thin "pinning" wire.  I used a plastic tube for the iron rod coming out of the ground-- got it in a pack from Gale Force 9.  Ground work was super glue with real dirt thrown on.  Super glue binds dirt really well surprisingly.  After you get the dirt on you can put more super glue to seal it even more.  Just be sure you use ventillation as the super glue fumes can be quite strong.

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