Monday, June 20, 2011

Nerding Out With Warmachine

Yesterday I was at Ben's and we had a night of "Nerding Out."  This is after the BBQ we had with our wives-- Sliders, Cheese-filled hotdogs, Steak-kabobs. oh yeah! 

The pic above is Ben's kitchen table that we worked on with all of our various materials and minis.  I have the same messy setup at home.  Good times, just hanging out with a buddy working on our little dudes.  The only thing I did there was work on my trenches for my Assault Kommandos.  I'm following the design that someone did with his own AKs and he won a big painting convention too!  I need to find his name so I can give him credit. 

Ben worked first on his new caster-- Siege before adding bases to his Stormsmiths and a new solo.

Then later today I finished up my Assault Kommandos and glued them to the trenches I made.  I also finished basing and priming my new Spriggan and Man-O-Wars.  The Spriggan has some conversion work to him, some srap metal welded by Mechaniks; stuff they found on their expedition. 


  1. What are those pieces of scrap metal on the spriggan, bent card stock? It looks so really good.

  2. It's bent brass (or whatever metal that is) that comes with the GW basing kit. I also use the fence design that comes with that too. ^^