Friday, August 19, 2011

3 More Kayazy Conversions Painted

Got some work done on my Kayazy Assassins tonight bringing them up to a Min unit of 6.  The level of detail I'm taking them to right now is about 90%, just enough for the tabletop.  I feel it's good to get them in a game like that so you feel a sense of reward with your painted minis.  Later on you can go back and finish up that last 10% of the details. 

Soon I'll add in the grass for the last three that I did and once probably do another set of four to finish off the full unit before doing the Underboss.  Or I might do the Underboss next, I'm not sure. 

Also thinking of running a Kodiak in my lists so I might try to get that massive conversion done.  My idea for that is to dremel off his top plate in his armor and add in a custom heavy boiler.  I also want to do stripes on him for camo since he's a "pathfinder".  Pretty excited about finishing that one but oh man, it's going to take a lot of work.  Hardest part will be adding in the plasticard for his little shields with the spikes.  Perhaps I'll do a variation that has scrap metal armor on him like the Spriggan. 

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  1. I hope to god you still check this...
    I want to know how you did the conversion on your kayazy...
    I LOVE THEM!!!!!