Sunday, August 14, 2011

Painting My Kayazy Conversions WIP

Had a Warmachine day with Ben and we worked on our armies.  I finally got the guts to brave the color for my Kayazy Assassins.  It seems like I've been working on them forever.  The conversions must have started over two months ago.  My goal with them was to make them as bad @$$ as possible-- mysterious, menacing, etc.

For color, I went with a grey cloak that gets dirtier the closer it gets to the ground.  The rest of the color was done on pure accident; I didn't have any clue what to paint so I just tried a bunch of different things, multiple washes and eventually arrived at the color scheme for the leader (the one with his hood off).  I like the harmony between the dirty greyish green and the orange base.  Also love the accent in the eyes.  Gives a nice focal point to the front of the mini.

Still much work to be done on these two.  I tried painting in an assembly line style but found that I'm more sloppy so I'll be doing them one at a time trying to match the mood and color of the leader.  Can't wait to get the grass in there too ^^

So here's the photo shoot for my first two Kayazy.

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  1. Oh, oh wow. I /like/ those sculpts. I would play Khador if those are what the Kayazi looked like.