Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kayazy Assassins FINALLY DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, 95% done. :D  Reached a milestone a few days ago when I finished painting my full unit of Kayazy Assassins including the Underboss.  I still have to model the furnace grill on most of their backpacks and work on finishing up the Underboss.  But for the tabletop they are ready to go!
And here are some pics of their cloaks.  After painting them I used MIG Water Effects mixed with some of their pigments.  You can either mix them to get a liquid that you brush on, or you can brush on the Water Effects first and then with dry pigment dab it all on.  I like the latter because it leaves a cake of dirt that you can see.  Cool!  You can also use the Water Effects to make grease;  I did that running out of a lot of the holes in their cloaks, and I used it on their armor in various places to add a sheen/greasy feel.
Also got started on my uber awesome Wardoggy!  He's been clutch in so many games.  It was finally time to paint him up.  He's a rottweiler.  Probably need another day to finish him up.
Also painted Scrappy that I finished up a few weeks ago.  Still gotta start on the Old Witch.
Next pics are of my 35pt Hardcore force that I'll be using @ SoCal Smackdown this weekend.  It's my "I'm going to get pounded for two rounds and hope Butcher makes it to your frontline" list.  Nothing else is painted so I'm going with this and see how it goes ^^ It's very similar to the first ever 35pt list I ran minus the Mechaniks and Kodiak in place of the Spriggan; so that is cool.
I'm a little burnt out from all the painting I've been doing getting ready for SoCal Smackdown so will probably take a little break, not too long though :)  So many things I wanna paint next.  What would you like to see painted?  I have Winterguard, Assault Kommandos, Widowmakers, Marksman, Gorman, eEiryss, Saxon, and many more.  I'm feeling like Assault Kommandos because I wanna see how that trench is going to turn out.  We'll see though.  'Till next time!


  1. Beautiful, creepy work, Mike. Let's see your take on Eiryss next. Will she be in the same style, or different to reflect her role as a mercenary?

  2. hmmm, sounds good to me Jay! ^^. I'm planning to take her off of her brick chimney and make it so that she's kneeling on a rock similar to the style of my bases.

    What do you think-- put a gas mask on her?

  3. lol. Eiryss with a gas mask. I like it. Would you leave the feathers on her cloak or putty over them or something?

    I would also be interested to see your take on the Winter Guard. The stock models are among the worst in the Khador range IMO, but I'm betting you can make them look cool with your wasteland theme.

  4. hey Nick, thanks for the comment ^^

    Hmm, I'll have to take a look Eiryss again but I think I would leave the feathers. Maybe make her cape a little tattered on the edges and put some holes in it.

    I did two Winterguard with gas masks and extended cloaks. Debating whether or not to give them a oxygen tank on their back. You can see the pics of them here if you scroll down past the Marauder:

  5. I know you did this a while ago, but I was curious as to what method you used to smooth out/remove their fur caps. I am going to try my own take on this conversion. Thanks!