Thursday, August 11, 2011

Khador Spriggan Painting WIP

Worked on painting my Spriggan conversion last night.  Experimented with a new process to painting-- started with the bright colors first instead of painting the darks and then building up to the brights.  Will write more later.  Gotta pack him up with my paints because I'm taking him to work!  Going to see if I can get some painting done during lunch.  Excited to finish up his lance arm.



  1. I really enjoy the theme you've been doing with this army. Just damn fantastic!

    I have to ask as well, what paint range do you use? Or do you just thin them out a lot, cause your paint job is really smooth from the pictures.

  2. thanks man! As for paints, I mostly use GW as I find they're really smooth. Some of the PP ones I've used are lumpy in the bottle, very weird.

    I also use a lot of the GW washes to create variation in color tones.

    Most of the rust colors I use are-- Vermin Brown, Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown, and then a Model Air color called "oxide".

    I also use a wet palette which helps to keep the paints nice and thin.