Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Great Bears Conversion Painted

Well, the first one is almost done :)  I can't count the number of times I wanted to give up or throw the Bear across the room.  Was very frustrating but I stumbled upon a look that I'm happy with.  Couldn't get the shoulder pads to look right in any color I tried but my wife suggested I try some battle damage and rust so I did and I like the result.  Funny thing is through my frustration I painted with a lot of emotion and tried crazy things; not sure if I will be able to duplicate this on the other two bears ><.

And for anyone who wants to see how he looked after the session last night...


  1. Very inspiring. You turned a figure im not too crazy about into something i love. I will go this way with my Great Bears if you dont mind (hood mostly, the dirty paintjob is already part of my Khador)

  2. sounds good Dogui! Please send me a pic when you finish them. love to see what you come up with.