Saturday, July 2, 2011

Playing Warmachine on Vassal

Played some Warmachine online today on a program called Vassal.  It's basically a program that has all of the models and pieces for you to play with, but you still gotta know the rules.  Interface takes some getting used to but there's a User's Guide in Vassal's menu.  Progam got the O.K. from Privateer Press as well.  How cool is that? 

Took my Khador and played against a fairly new player like myself.  Lupercal has been playing since October of last year.  I took this list:

Kayazy Assasins (max + UA)
Assault Kommandos (max + 2 Flamethrowers)

He took:

2 Seraphs
2 Deathstalkers

I won the roll and deployed up top so I could use the forest for cover.  AKs were on the left and Assassins on right.  I wanted the Assassins to have open ground to run and engage.  Widowmakers deployed in the forest.  Everyone else sort of in the middle.

Lupercal deployed with Beasts and Lylyth on the right opposing my Assassins and the Striders and Deathstalkers on the left. 

It was my 2nd time using the AKs.  Well, I don't know if playing online counts.  Lupercal said he's never played against them before. 

The beginning of the game had me run up my Assassins towards his beasts and the AKs marched down the field on the left in Shield Wall.  The Widowmakers stuck to the woods for a few rounds while the Spriggan advanced around the right of the tree line.  Bears went behind the Assassins.

Lupercal moved his guys up as well and not much going on for the first round. 

Above shows a few rounds later.  I run up my Assassins to try and engage the Heavy Beasts.  Widowmakers advance a little to get some shots on Lylyth and do no damage.  Gorman runs around the shack to try and help against the Beasts and I send the Bears to the left to help the AKs.  The Kommandos are doing well against the Striders who are able to hit them but have a hard time with DEF 18 in Shield Wall.  The flamethrower manages to catch a few of the Striders by aiming at the back of one of his own Kommandos.  Striders with reform are really cool.  After their activation they can advance 3".  Lupercal used this tactic to hit and then fade back. 

I popped feat and Legion attacked.  A Seraph took two free strikes from Assassins to reach the Spriggan but wasn't able to do much to his armor.  Meanwhile the Forsaken moves up and does some kind of AOE blast but only manages to kill a Widowmaker and an Assassin.  4 tough rolls made because of Irusk's Feat needing only 4+.  Typhon tries to get rid of the pesky Assassins and unleashes 3 spray attacks.  He only manages to kill maybe 2 Assassins.  Others missed or made their tough rolls. 

Striders swing right because my forces are closing in.  Gorman is protected by Stealth and the Striders take aim at DEF 18 Widowmakers.  Forest is great for them. 

Underboss uses Killstroke and 2 Assassins reach Lylyth with Battle Lust on them.  Spriggan takes care of the Seraph on him and another three Assassins charge Typhon.  It takes two to bring him down doing a lot of damage because of the feat and charge + gang + Battle Lust.  2 Widowmakers with aiming bonuses shoot at Lylyth but again aren't able to damage her-- should have taken the 1 wound because of sniper. 

Assassins attack Lylyth and surprisingly with MAT 9s because of gang, they both miss!!!  They would have done an ungodly amount of damage on Lylyth if they were able to hit.

Gorman walks up to the Striders and Black Oil's them bringing their Def down to 11.  AKs move up needing 6s to hit and with a flamethrower spray take a few down. 

Bears head down and get ready to leave the forest. 

Lupercal resigns on his turn.

A really fun game against a cool guy who I'd be more than happy to play again.  It's fun to play again another new player because they are patient usually (and really helpful too).

Lupercal said he was planning to break through with his beasts and all those super tough rolls really sealed the deal against him.

Surprisingly the AKs faired well against the Striders.  The Flamethrower gives some added range and with Gorman and Black Oil, the AKs should be able to hit when they reach the enemy.  Mix in the Feat with +2 MAT/RAT and an Assault and Battery from the AKs would be really nice.  They suck balls against high ARM but against moderately low DEF/low ARM, they can really shine.  Marching up in Shield Wall is slow but against the right enemy, they can outlast the gunfire.

Was able to hold the Bears in reserve the whole game which is a good thing I guess.

Assassins were awesome against the Beasts.  With a low RAT, Typhon had a lot of trouble hitting Assassins with Iron Flesh even with boosting.  That coupled with the Feat and super Tough and the Assassins can hold.  Wondering what would have happened if the Beasts trampled out?  Lupercal was saying that I had Bears in the woods who would counter charge and that was true.  Also, I'm seeing that on the charge and Battle Lust, 2-3 Assassins per Beast should be enough to bring them down.

Getting more practice with Irusk and I like what he does for his infantry.  You can give them defense as you approach with Iron Flesh and when the decisive attack is ready, pop feat for +2 MAT/RAT, +4 Tough, and no knockdowns.  What that does is boost your accuracy for the attack and then gives you a chance to weather the counter attack with +4 Tough Rolls.  Battle Lust on the right unit will also do a lot of damage because of the extra die.  So find a good position, attack, weather the storm, and then attack again. 

Wasn't able to use Inhospitable Ground but can see how that would make moving/charging really difficult against the Khador army.  Inhospitable Ground basically making all the open ground in Irusk's control area rough terrain. 

Liking Irusk and think he will be my next Caster.  I have all the models in this army so I can use it in real life too :)

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