Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kayazy Conversions WIP Progress

Spent the day working on my Kayazy Assassin conversions.  It was a lot of work but I can finally see the end of the tunnel.  Things I did today-- fix some of the masks which involved pulling off some of the old ones and resculpting them.  Added details to hoodies.  Added torn look to cloaks.  Added gas back pack thing, and put them on bases. 

Tomorrow I'll finish up the basing and prime them.  I'll probably stop there and get to painting them during the week.  But who knows, I might start painting them tomorrow ^^


  1. The whole unit looks fantastic! Cant wait to see them all finished up and added to an already great looking force.

  2. Thanks Scotty! I like how the Assassins are turning out but not quite happy with their backs. I might want to try adding in sacks or another knife... just feels like it needs more than the gas tank I have. I just got the Old Witch and I like how her and Scrapjack are carrying sacks and frying pans-- basically stuff they need as they are wandering. I feel that sort of thing fits the theme of my force as a Khador army far from the Motherland on some expedition.

  3. The more gear the better I'm thinking. It will really help with the atmosphere of these guys.

    Possibly even some Highshield backpacks? could be cool.

  4. like putting a shield on their back? ohhhhh~~~ I have the perfect piece for that ^^