Saturday, July 16, 2011

Khador Painting and Conversion: Marauder and Winterguard

Last week I finished the painting for my Marauder.  Worked on him during Tuesday game night and James gave me a lot of great feedback.  Color was a little drab at the time so he suggested pop a lot of highlights and create areas of interest. 

So what I tried to do was lighten the armor to create some contrast and for points of interest I tried various spots of battle damage; some damage on his right front plate and some claw marks on the other side.  I also spent some time painting the furnace to look like light was coming from the inside; very happy with the result. 

This model I like a lot not only for the battle damaged result but also because of the pistons I added to his feet.  The story goes that when the Marauder is ready to used his Combo Smite special ability, the pistons separate from his feet and drive into the ground to give him more stability. 

Arms are also magnetized so he can become a Juggernaut or a Destroyer if he wants to.  Little details I'd like to add-- a number on the front, probably 02 as he was my second Jack after Juggernaut. 

Besides finishing up the Marauder I did a little work on my newly acquired Winterguard Infantry.  Same deal--gas masks and weathered coats.

Now that the Marauder is done my goal to a 15 point army is getting closer.  Next up is the Great Bears and they are going to be a real challenge to convert.  Their heads are really tighly nestled between those gigantuan shoulder pads.  Ideally I want to give them a similar look to my converted Butcher--hood and gask mask with some tubes.  Then I think they'll look really neato.


  1. Saw you're Wasteland Khador post on the forums and immediately became a fan of your grungy paint style. I started painting up my old khador jacks from way back and didn't really have a particular paint scheme but I knew that I wanted to weather the heck out of them and seeing your form post totally the inspiration I wanted. Good luck on those great bears btw, can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. I got to ask how do you do that awsome weathering and grime in the light colored body