Saturday, July 16, 2011

Warmachine Batreps

Had a good Friday of Warmachine and here are a couple batreps from the games I played. 

Game 1: pButcher vs Mortenebra

First was a 50pt game against Jim's Tier 4 Mortenebra list-- Deathjack, 3 Slayers, Seether, 2 Reapers... or something like that, along with a few necrotechs and Warwitch Sirens (maybe not the Sirens, can't remember). 

I had my own tier 4 list with pButcher-- Devastator, 2 Juggernauts, and a Marauder, along with a full unit of Man-o-War Shocktroopers, a full unit of Demo Corps, and 4 Manhunters.

I won the roll and deployed first with Shocktroopers in front in the center, Demo Corps behind them and Butcher behind them with the dog.  Jacks were advanced deploy because of the tier bonus; I put them in the center just right of the Man-O-Wars.  Manhunters deployed right of the Jacks.

Jim deployed with his Jacks mostly in a line across his front with his Scrapthralls in front to screen/tarpit.  Rest in the back.

I advanced the Man-O-Wars up to the Jack line and Shield Wall.  Jacks stay put and Manhunters redeploy to behind the Jacks. 

Jim sends his Scraps forward getting really close to my lines.  Everything else advances behind them.

Kodiak responds by picking up one of the Scraps and throws it into another one, destroying both in a big AOE 4 explosion.  Juggernaut moves up and one hand throws another that hits DJ and two Jacks.  The Scrapthrall blows up but no damage to the Jacks.  Marauder moves up to a wall and combo smites another Scrap but it doesn't reach the jacks.  Another scrap gone.  Shocktroopers advance and shoot their shild cannons and take out a few more of them.  After all of that Jim has only 1 ScrapThrall left.  Pretty neat round for Khador.

He attacks with his Reapers trying to pull the Shocktroopers out of Shield Wall but they have  Iron Flesh and he misses both attacks :O  One of the Slayers advances and attacks the Marauder doing some damage.  DJ charges one of the Juggernauts and annihilates it and with Overrun advances into my Manhunters on the right.  Seether moves into the other Jugg and does a ton of damage, and doing a chain attack and throwing the Kodiak back and into one of the Manhunters who lives with one box left. 

Butcher Feats and casts Full throttle again.  The three Manhunters charge DJ maybe taking off an arm.  But then a loaded Juggernaut charges in and with his two initials kills the Deathjack.  He turns to the Seether and buys additional attacks and wrecks it.  Over in the middle the Marauder does his Combo Smite again doing major damage to the Slayer and knocking it down. 

Devastator in the middle advances and does his Rain of Death blast and with an additional die does big damage against the knocked down slayer and another nearby Jack.  Shocktroopers charge in with Reach and finish off to Jacks and hurt the Reapers. 

Demo Corp reposition and move to the right to block some charge lanes to protect Butcher.  It was a pretty sick Feat turn and I've never done so much damage before.  Jim is out at least 4 Jacks and the two Reapers are heavily engaged with the Man-O-Wars.  I'm threatening to strike back with all my Jacks and the Demo Corps coming in the next wave.  Jim needs to find a way to get to Butcher as his army is about to be wiped.

He puts Spectral Steel on his other Seether. (can't remember what Jack it was, let's call it a Seether)  It charges over a wall and into my Manhunter who just got up the turn before.  He's got Overrun on him.  He kills the Manhunter and then makes a full advance around my Demo Corp right into Butcher.  He misses with his charge attack and hits with the rest of his initials.  This is for the game right here.  There's no way that Jim can survive the onslaught that is about to come down on his army next turn.  He hits with his next attacks bringing Butcher down to half life.  With two more attacks left he needs to do 12 damage.  He's down to his last roll and needs to roll something like a 7.  He tosses the dice and gets what he needs bringing Butcher to the ground in a crazy assassination run.

It was a pretty amazing game for sure.  The one thing that sticks out is of course the big lesson I learned-- When you have a HUGE advantage, you have to be extra sure that you are safe from assassination.  I moved the Demo Corps to try and prevent exactly what happened but I failed to see the Overrun angles.  Patrick saw it though.  So I just have to make extra certain that my caster is safe, especially after using up all his focus.   

I could have done two things to keep Butcher safe.  I could have surrounded him tightly with the Demo Corp.  This would have left no angles to get to him and the Jack that Jim used didn't have Reach.  Patrick also mentioned that I could have used the Dog and positioned him a little forward and when the Seether attacked the manhunter, i could have counter-charged and then reposition the dog to block a lane.  So some really good lessons there.

The other amazing thing was seeing how deadly Butchers feat can be with Full Throttle and some Jacks.  All the hits are boosted so Khador Jacks, who have a pretty low RAT, can hit a whole lot better.  Also good for getting off the Marauder's Special because all he needs is to hit with his first melee attack to get off the P+S 20 Combo Smite.

Patrick had just shown up and watched the finale to that game.  He was all set to play so I got out pIrusk @ 35 points.

Game 2: pIrusk vs Harbringer

Patrick wanted to get more practice in with his 35 point Harbringer list because he has a tournament tomorrow.  I'm a little hazy with his list but I know he had the Harbringer (duh), Book, Choir, Errants (min), Vassal (maybe two), Avatar, Reckoner, and a trio of guys who make one model ignore stealth (can't remember their name and they might not have been in this list)

I honestly can't remember most of the turns but here's a general summary of events.  Over on the right control zone, the Errants ran up to it quick with Patrick taking first turn.  I sent my Assassins to contest it and they got shot up.  I learned a great deal about Errants and especially their Quick Work ability which lets them shoot if they make a kill in melee.  My assassins were never able to really get a foothold on the control zone.  I had the Great Bears in support there but they were soon charged by the Avatar who ran behind Beast 09, who got Black Oil'd by Gorman. 

Over on the left, the Winterguard had a tough time controlling that zone.  Can't remember why really but they were knocked off of it. 

Irusk ended up running away from the Avatar while casting Inhospitable Ground.  With most of my army killed and no hope to win the scenario I concede the game.  It's only 11:30 so me and Patrick decide to play another.  This time bring out eSorscha!

Game 3: eSorscha vs Harbringer

So pretty much the same list as before and I know he had two Vassals and also that unit of three guys who can make the model see Stealth.  This one is a little easier to remember as me and Patrick talked a bit about this game afterwards.  I'm brining:

Great Bears
Full Winterguard + UA + Joe
Full Kayazy Assassins + Underboss.

Scenario had three flags at the beginning but one would soon disappear.  I won the roll and decided to go first.  Winterguard on the right with Battlegroup in the center and Assassins on the right.  Everyone pretty much runs.  Winterguard go for the left flag with Tough by Joe.  Beast moves up the middle.  Assassins go for the right flag.  Widowmakers advance forward and get behind a wall and to Patrick's surprise are within range of his Errants!  They all fire and manage to kill two.  Patrick says this is really bad news.  Bears head towards the right to either go for the central or right flag.  Sorscha puts Iron Flesh on the Winterguard and Shatterstorm was on the Widows.

Patrick moves everyone forward.  Harbringer feats so on my turn if I advance towards her, I will take damage (and infantry most likely die).  Reckoner is on the right.  Avatar on the left.  Trio ready to head for the right flag. 

I can't move towards the Harbringer but luckily the central flag disappears. Assassins move laterally and are able to move towards the right flag.  Beast and Sorcha both move to the right a little to get behind a wall.  Over on the right, the Winterguard are able to move towards the left flag mirroring what the Assassins did, just moving laterally.  Widowmakers then unload some shots on the Harbringer who was in range!  They manage to do quite a bit of damage maybe leaving her with 10 boxes left? 

Avatar heads to the left flag and will be doing battle with the Winterguard for most of the game.  Harbringer also put Fear of God on the Winterguard so they basically can't do any special attacks or give/recieve orders.  They can only walk and shoot... so sad TT.  Over on the right, the Assassins fight the trio and eventually are able to secure the objective thanks to some charges by the Great Bears.  Widowmakers with aiming bonus do more killing of Errants and other targets of opportunity.  Over the course of the game they took out Errants and Choir, possibly one of the Vassals.  They had such an influence on the center of the board that Patrick sent the Reckoner to tie half of the Widowmakers up in Melee.

I decide to run the Assassins and try to make a go for the Harbringer.  The Assassins are near full strength and make a break for it.  Two tie up Gorman while more run forward and engage the choir in melee.  Another round and they'll be able to run into melee with the Harbringer, but...

She responds by AOE'ing two of them with a spell and charging another and killing it.  The Book moves up and blocks a charge lane from Beast-09 to the Harbringer.

Sorcha feats and casts Boundless Charge on her favorite Jack.  He charges (after the Dog charged :) and gets just within Reach Range of the Reckoner.  It takes two swings because of Sorscha's feat to bring it down. 

The Avatar has to then leave the left objective and charges Beast 09 with fully loaded attacks.  After heavy swings the Beast has 3 boxes left-- 1 Cortex and 2 on his right arm.  Ice Axe still operational. 

At this point Patrick points out that all I have to do is clear both objectives and I'll win because I already have a point.  So Winterguard on the left now without the presence of the Avatar are able to CRA and kill the remaining Vassal and Choir that was on the objective.  On the right, Bears charge the last of the trio and secure the right objective for a Khador victory. 

Some things that me and Patrick talked about afterwards was how big it was to lose the Errants so early to the Widowmakers.  Already being a min unit they can't afford to lose two right off the bat.  He lost his ability to tie up the front while his army moves up.  Also, the deployment of the Widowmakers behind a wall essensially gave them +6 defense for a total of DEF 20.  That's crazy.  Their deployment in the center allowed them to have a huge infuence on the game.  Patrick said that their position prevented the Harbringer from helping the right flag.  Widowmakers definitely the MVP of the match.  Also of note was how the Widowmakers are a good unit to pair with the Assassins.  They are able to shoot targets that are just outside of charge range of the Assassins and can free up more space for them to run.  So lesson learned was how important it is to position the Widowmakers; preferably somewhere where they can have a lot of targets and cover a lot of ground with their guns.  Put them behind hard cover and they are very, very, hard to hit.

We chatted about eEiryss and not having her upkeep removal.  Was definitely a pain to have Fear of God on the Winterguard but in the end, with Tough from Joe, they are still able to stick around and contest objectives.  Getting eEiryss in the list would be really nice but @ 35 points I would have to either give up the Widowmakers and the Great Bears.  That's hard to do.  Shatterstorm is great on the Widowmakers and Bears add a much needed punch to the army.  I might rather not have eEiryss and just grind it out when Fear of God or Crippling Grasp is on my units.  At this point, would much rather have the Widows and Bears.

Patrick learned not to have the Errants in range of the Widowmakers in the open.  Sniper damage from the Widowmakers plus aiming bonuses isn't a good matchup for them.  So he learned to deploy the Errants safely when Widowmakers are on the board and in this game thought perhaps a deployment on the left against the Winterguard was better, also because there was a forest nearby and the Errants have Pathfinder.  He realized he should have sent the Avatar to handle the right objective and take out the Widowmakers.

I like eSorscha a lot, second time using her.  She helps the Winterguard greatly with Desperate Pace and rerolls on failed CRAs.  She aslo has a great Feat for taking out Heavies or multi wound models.  Shatter storm is also great with the Widowmakers.  She has to real way to buff the damage of her army but Bears are already good at that.  She does have Iron Flesh though which can get Winterguard up to DEF 17.  She does the same for the Assassins.

For 50 points, will probably add in Devastator, Gorman, and Eiryss, and switch the Dog for Wishnayler.

So that ends Warmachine Friday.  Not sure what the plan is tomorrow but I'd like to either make some terrain or paint up the Great Bears.  I'll probably use them in most of the lists that I run so it would be really cool to see them painted.  They need some work though as converted their heads is going to be tricky.  I want to add gas masks to them.  Not sure I can get hoods on them but hoodied Great Bears and gas masks would be so B@dd @$$.

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  1. Hehe, after you get overrun a few times, you'll see it too.

    I ran the same list for both games. Side note, I found the perfect thing for the 12" scenario zones. Bringing a few in on Tuesday.

    Realized what I did wrong with the Errants in the second game once I got home. Put their back edge at the 4" line rather than the front edge. That put them an inch and some change too far out. Won't make that mistake again :)