Sunday, July 17, 2011

Working on Great Bears Conversion

So I went to Home Depot today and bought some wood to make a 4 x 4 tabletop to play on.  I was all set to build it then realized that I had to charge the power drill that I bought for 12 hours.  So I decided to work on my Great Bears.

Some of you know that I've taken a step back and I'm trying to get my frist 15 point list all painted up.  I've got Butcher done along with the Juggernaut and a Maruader (who could play the role of a Destroyer) and all that's left is the Great Bears.

The only thing I want to covert on them is their heads-- so I'm adding a mask (no tube) and a hoodie.  Think this makes them look a little cooler.  I should be done with the conversion tonight and if I'm really lucky I'll be able to start painting them.  Can't wait to get my 15 points all painted!

Tangent.  So I was researching wargame tables and came about this site:

What a beautiful wargaming room!  Wish I had a house so I could have a room just for that.  I can dream. 

The guys who collect historical minis are very inspiring.  They are usually older but they are very diligent in taking pictures and showing what they are working on.  I enjoy the blogging and writing about stuff but I wish that uploading pictures was easier. 

Right now I use my Canon Vixia but I have to use a USB to download the photos from the camera to my computer.  Then I have to load it into photoshop to make it a smaller size, then upload it to Blogger.  It's kind of a hassle.  But soon I have a plan that will make the process not only faster but more enjoyable--

I'm going to get an iPhone.  Basically the plan is to use the App called Blogpress which allows you to immediately add a picture you take directly into your blog post.  It'll be so fast.  This will be good for the times that I'm painting or working on conversions but also when I'm playing and want to write a batrep.  I can take notes in the blogpost and then snap pictures after every turn.  Then when the match is over I can tidy up the post a little and then the batrep is done!  So maybe I'll wait until the new iPhone comes out in September...

Anyhoo, tangent done.  Back to the Great Bears. 

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