Monday, July 18, 2011

Painting Frustration

Sigh.  Stayed up painting my Great Bears last and the colors aren't working...  I strarted by base coating all three, then I took one and wanted to finish him but he wasn't looking so good.  Main problem is finding the color harmony between his armor, cloak, and shoulder pads.  Rigtht now he looks like a Space Wolf (from 40k).  Makes me sad. 

So how do I fix it?  Well, his shoulder pads are yellow.  I'll have to try again making it red.  Cloak is some kind of cool grey and something tells me I either have to make it brown or green like Butcher's.  His yellow armor isn't too bad; there are parts in it that I like.  And the base is working.  So overall, definitely salvagable.  I'll take a picture before I fix him so you can see where he's at.  Back to the palette tonight!


  1. I like the red shoulders idea with a brown cloak, dirty on the bottom or something.

  2. hey kkadz, thanks for the comments! I tried red at first but the combination of that with the green cloak and yellow armor made him look like a vegetable... TT. So I settled on the yellow one.